Sunday, June 16, 2019

Great Day of Sailing-Learn from Different Skippers

The wind blowing, the good spirited competition, sail boat races are fun and exciting! If you also like to sail you might want to be involved in the Escanaba Yacht Club. It is a small but very well run place with friendly members.  Its a small community of sailboat enthusiasts. Like many other clubs they are always open to new members. You may want to come down for their Wednesday night races at 6 (skippers meetings) or  7 (the races) to watch.

If you are serious about sailing you will want to go out with different skippers to gain the best knowledge of different boats and how people sail them. Each person has their own way of approaching a race. I enjoy the process of learning. 
This is video is about 6 knots. Not bad for a 22'!

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