Friday, May 31, 2019

What Happens When You Close Facebook for 7 Days?

Feeling in a devilish mood and annoyed by the constant dinging sounds on my phone I decided to take a leap of faith and close my Facebook account!  With commitment I wanted to see what would happen to my world if I deactivated and disconnected for a week. I wasn't sure if there would be life after Facebook but with high hopes I jumped into digital no mans land!

This generation is more connected than at any time before and by showing them that nothing terrible happens maybe we can get their fingers off the phone. 😜

At first it was tough! I'm not going to lie! With time and self soothing words 😏I was able to keep myself away much like a person trying to quit smoking for the very  first time. After my body stopped convulsing from digital withdrawal it slowly turned into a positive experience!

First, closing the account for 7 days wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In order to do this well and reduce the nagging tendency to check back I removed the app from my phone. With no sounds to remind me that someone self-gratified their need for attention through a new post, I saw a world where even the average person has value.

Without Facebook your self-perception gets more accurate! 😱

Second, I started to pay attention to other things and loosen up my schedule to do what I want when I want to do it! I stopped looking at my clock as much and started to open up opportunities to experience new things. The day seemed to take on a new life of its own without our conscious state being distracted by others.

Third, you begin to define yourself for yourself. That means we are able to stop comparing our lives to others and focus more on what is important to us. Our brains are designed to find our social position and therefore scan others for comparison material. The problem is that Facebook is more a reflection of people pro-self and positive experiences but leave little room for a more balance perspective on the imperfections of life.

Fourth, I learned that because people are so reliant on Facebook they can get upset if they can't find you! Disappearing out of cyber-world looks like you blocked them. Make sure you post a statement and then post your phone number for those who don't have it.

Fifth, Facebook isn't evil, bad, or useless. It has a lot of great benefits like keeping people in touch with each other. However, my goal is to still keep Facebook; just not be as "connected". Check it once or twice a week for important events. I don't really need it but those people who know me and like to see aspects of my life probably want to a smiling face everyone once in a while.

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