Friday, May 31, 2019

Early Morning Surfing-Cold and Cutting

Early morning surfing is some of the best I have ever done!  I didn't think I could get up in the morning and jump into the freezing cold ocean. The sun isn't out, few die hard surfers are putting on their gear, the lifeguards are not on duty yet. The first couple of times were pure cold torture but after forcing myself to do it a few times I came to like the activity of an early morning dip!

The first thing you notice as you pull up with your coffee and gear in the back of your SUV is plenty of parking. Die hard surfers get there early before work and before the crowd.

Creepy Beach Art in the Morning
Trust me when I say don't feel like stripping off your sweatshirt, knit hat, and clothing to get into swimming gear. Even standing outside your car can be cold if the temperature is low and the dampness sets in. You might debate a few times......"I'm not sure I'm in the mood for this!" Brr......

Eventually you grab your board and head to the shoreline to do some quick stretching. You spirits rise as you see other surfers have already made their way to the water and are riding some of the best waves you are likely to experience all day.

There is almost no use going into the ocean slowly and suffering your way into the abyss. Why put yourself in that torture as the cold water first hits your feet and makes a "eye opening" way up your leg with each step? I say it is much better to just walk like the terminator out there and dive into the the first big wave. Take it like a "man" and get in there (the women surfers have no problem just jumping in😃. )!

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