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Early Morning Surfing-Cold and Cutting

Early morning surfing is some of the best I have ever done!  I didn't think I could get up in the morning and jump into the freezing cold ocean. The sun isn't out, few die hard surfers are putting on their gear, the lifeguards are not on duty yet. The first couple of times were pure cold torture but after forcing myself to do it a few times I came to like the activity of an early morning dip! The first thing you notice as you pull up with your coffee and gear in the back of your SUV is plenty of parking. Die hard surfers get there early before work and before the crowd. Creepy Beach Art in the Morning Trust me when I say don't feel like stripping off your sweatshirt, knit hat, and clothing to get into swimming gear. Even standing outside your car can be cold if the temperature is low and the dampness sets in. You might debate a few times......"I'm not sure I'm in the mood for this!" Brr...... Eventually you grab your board and head to the shore

What Happens When You Close Facebook for 7 Days?

Feeling in a devilish mood and annoyed by the constant dinging sounds on my phone I decided to take a leap of faith and close my Facebook account!  With commitment I wanted to see what would happen to my world if I deactivated and disconnected for a week. I wasn't sure if there would be life after Facebook but with high hopes I jumped into digital no mans land! This generation is more connected than at any time before and by showing them that nothing terrible happens maybe we can get their fingers off the phone. 😜 At first it was tough! I'm not going to lie! With time and self soothing words 😏I was able to keep myself away much like a person trying to quit smoking for the very  first time. After my body stopped convulsing from digital withdrawal it slowly turned into a positive experience! First, closing the account for 7 days wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In order to do this well and reduce the nagging tendency to check back I removed the app from my ph

"Garden of the Gods" Pictures of Ancient Greek Decor

Last weekend I went to a wine bar near Ramona as a quick, no think, unplanned kind of stop! We didn't think much of it but when we went inside...we were early and they weren't just open yet.....we were bedazzled by the ancient Greek garden.  Walking and sipping in the garden is one of the best ways to spend your time. If your lucky you will have some type of conversation that leads to new insight. If your hanging around in the Garden of the Gods you may want to have some type of stimulation. Printed pictures can be purchased and profits go to orphanage. Most under $40 depending on size/quality. Free Shipping! Contact if interested or text 619-540-0501 PayPal for Donations ( Venmo for Donations (@muradabel) Printed pictures can be purchased and profits go to orphanage. Most under $40 depending on size/quality. Free Shipping! Contact if interested or text 619-540-0501 PayPal for Donations (muradabel@gmai

Who Says You can't Cook on A Boat? A Simple Sirloin Pie Recipe

Cooking on a boat isn't much different than cooking at a camp site. You have limited supplies, limited tools to use, and limited cooking equipment. One thing most boats have is a stove top, grill, and oven. In this case a very small oven and the use of camping cookware can create a fairly solid meal. 1. Make your crust: I like to make my own crust. I add flour, butter, salt, and water until I can kneed into something smooth. I spread out half of the bread dough onto my cookware and keep the other half for the top. I cook it in the oven prior to adding anything so that it will be lightly browned. If you don't do this it is likely to get doughy. 2. Mix in the Ingredients: There are a lot of different ingredients that I use. I used a can of sirloin tips with gravy, can of vegetables, and some potatoes. Of course I mix it with spice. 3. Top the Crust: I spread the top crust to ensure that everything is sealed. Make sure that the edges are pushed in and crimped so that it does

4 Tips on Putting Together Your Research Pantheon!

Research teams can be complex and best ensuring that a research product succeeds is by staffing it with the right people that have the knowledge complete the work. I'm working on conducting a research project and have put together a team of interested scientists and professors. Each brought with them certain skills and a diverse background to ensure that their unique contribution is meaningful. I put together a few ideas on how to select your research team. They are generic enough to apply to most situations. 1. Define Your Research, Objectives and Plans : Before you start putting your team together you should have a pretty good idea of what you want to do. Make sure that you have everything defined before moving forward. 2. Select Your Team on Skills : Your team will determine your potential success. Ensuring that you bring on board the right skills is essential. You may want to think in terms of experts in the field, familiarity with research design, people who can help c

Coastal Pictures-Ocean Beach

Surfing and jogging in Ocean Beach, CA I was able to take a few nice shots of the beach, coast, and pier. OB is the place where people of hippie persuasion hang out and lounge. For me, it is one of the closest place to enjoy the beach. Great coffee shops, down low dining, and brew pubs. I can spend a whole day enjoying the sun, water, and culture. Printed pictures can be purchased and profits go to orphanage. Most under $40 depending on size/quality. Free Shipping! Contact if interested or text 619-540-0501 PayPal for Donations ( Venmo for Donations (@muradabel) Printed pictures can be purchased and profits go to orphanage. Most under $40 depending on size/quality. Free Shipping!  Contact if interested or text 619-540-0501 PayPal for Donations ( Venmo for Donations (@muradabel) Printed pictures can be purchased and profits go to orphanage. Most under $40 depending on size/quality. Fr

Why Does Nature Reduce Stress? Veterans and PTSD

Profits from pictures fund orphanages. Contact (Paypal donation email) or Text 6195400501 for price.  Our species was born in nature and must return to nature to feel at its most comfortable state. Well known stress release techniques include breathing, moving, aroma, and scenery. These are all part of nature and drawn from our need to connect back to the earth. As a people we have separated and change our environment to the points that our body reacts to stress in new ways. Veterans who suffer from PTSD should connect with nature. Connecting to nature simply means spending our time and efforts in nature. Hiking, walking, biking, camping, hunting, etc... are all about touching base with nature. While the activity may change we ultimately want to be immersed in our world. To understand why nature reduces our stress we should look at our biological history. Our species came from the forest, jungles, and swamps. Everything we know about ourselves for most of ou

Helping Orphans Succeed Through Compassionate Giving

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go down to the orphanages and bring some needed supplies. One of the things they need is cleaning stuff, toilet paper, and other items that are more mundane. Most people want to buy food or bring used clothing but in many cases they need other things such as cleaning supplies, new soccer shoes, and other items. At the present time I'm focused more on providing shoes for their soccer team as well as ensuring they have the basic supplies they need. When you frequent these orphanages on a regular basis you come to realize that these kids have needs for love, affection, and a relationship. They begin to remember you and know your name. They grab your hands and walk with you to tell you something about their lives. They want to feel special! That is one of the reasons why I want to spend some time working with them. They are pliable human beings that allow my activities to make a difference. One kind word, a few resources, and some encouragemen

Turning Fruit Into Sweet Business Through Marketing

Dr. Murad Abel Marketing is an essential down to earth need of any successful business. Whether you actively marketing on social media or you provide great customer service for referrals you will inevitably need to keep people interested in your product. In the wine industry marketing takes a unique turn as businesses must blend image, atmosphere, service and quality to achieve their goals. With a solid strategy and focused effort they can bring interest and excitement to their wine. Spend some time in Baja or in Napa Valley and you will soon find luxurious wine mixed with beautiful environments. Wine enthusiasts from all over the world travel to the area to get their taste buds teased by the unique offerings of each winery. Image: Each winery creates an image that makes statements about who they are, what they want to accomplish and what they hope to achieve. Successful images fit within the core wine demographic but still niche enough to attract high return customers. A

Helping New Entrepreneurs Find Their Market Value

94th Aero Squadron New entrepreneurs have a great product and a great idea! They next great widget is going to hit the market by store. There is a problem! They have nooooo idea what that product is worth! This is particularly true with new product launches and unique products. The value is dependent on its market and to best improve your chances of launch success you would be best served by knowing how to find a value. A product priced too high might fail just after launch and not be able to gain momentum with consumers. A price that is too low might generate a lot of sales but could end up damaging the long-term brand image of the company. Low quality and value is not something most companies want to be seen as. Below are three methods you could use. They may be modified based on the individual circumstances and factors associated with the market. Cost Method: The method of cost plus some safe margin. You should figure out what you need to break even and then what you need

Bullying and the Search for Domination! Boundary Creation as a Protective Tool-A 4

Bullying is a search for domination to help mitigate feelings of despair. It isn't about treating people fairly or treating people well. The ultimate goal is to put another down so to maintain one's status and self-perception. There are few legal protections for people who are victims of bullying as often laws don't step into protect people from social consequences. There are also few laws against sharing your opinion, getting your friends involved, sharing only part of the information, or manipulating stories. They may be despicable acts on their own but rarely constitute a legal violation unless malicious and directed. Because there are few protections one must continuously enforce boundaries and create distance until resolution has occurred. Let me give you an example. A person used questionable biased comments around younger people. The act was more of carelessness than intentional....kind of a "duh...I have little understanding of diversity" comment. Its no

4 P's of Marketing as they Apply to B2B

The 4 P's of Marketing helps us view and review a company's offering to determine if it is within the most advantageous position. The P's are simple but helpful in gaining a greater understanding of what the market is willing to buy and at what prices. If you are a small business owner and you desire to skip over the 4P's you should beware. It is your money and your time to lose if you over invest in a product no one wants and no one is willing to pay for! To lower risks and improve opportunities for success company usually conduct analysis before they jump all in on a product. They must know which product they are going to sell, the price they are going to sell, how they are going to promote it, and where their product fits into the market. We can say they are evaluating the "4 P's of Marketing". The 4 P's apply to Business-to-Business sales as much as they do in retail. There are some differences in the volume, amounts, services, and competitor