Sunday, February 3, 2019

Bar People Don't Live as Long as Vegan Joggers! - Life Choices or Brain Pre-Determination?

People have argued that behavior is a choice. Yes...conscious behavior can be a choice but much of it comes from the deeper recesses of our minds and we choose to accept or not accept the urges. Thus we are not sure whether choices are willful or not but we do know that we have limited control over it if we don't have the ability to slow down and think.

There is a pretty strong argument when we look at the deepest choices of neuroeconomics we act off of our urges. Some people are better able to arrest their first urges and think about them enough to make the most strategic choice in each situation. Its not easy but it is possible to learn.

Same thing with exercise or any other choices. Vegan Joggers live longer than Bar people because they can weigh and balance options on their time. They make other choices about food, recreation, etc... because they use a little more logic in their choices.

1.) Stop and Think Before Talking or Acting.

2.) Review and Analyze multiple choices before selecting one.

3.) Accept your first feelings and just give them some time.

4.) Create an avenue of feedback on your choices.

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