Tuesday, February 12, 2019

5 Ways Ways Small Businesses Can Market for Under $500!

Small businesses have lots of enthusiasm but lack the marketing budgets needed to get their business kick started. That creates a problem as 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first few years. Not all business owners have the time and knowledge needed to run their own marketing campaigns and soon find their enthusiasm drained by practical considerations.

Getting marketing help can be very expensive!  Certainly you can do these things on your own, and I can honestly say that most of the time this is best. Larger businesses can hire people with knowledge but small businesses will have to take on a "do it yourself" mentality. There are few places for small businesses with limited budgets can receive help.

It is beneficial if small businesses quickly start working with someone to develop a solid marketing plan and begin to earn revenue immediately! Once they have gained the knowledge and abilities needed run their own campaigns they can choose to market themselves. Those who want to focus on their core product without worrying about marketing can find a marketing company to help them.

Suggestion 1: Work with someone who has marketing knowledge.

Suggestion 2: Create a marketing strategy and implement accordingly.

What You Can Do for Under $500....

1.) Content Creation: Content is king in the new Google algorithms. Write an article and have it sent to 100's of directories to improve search rankings

2.) Marketing Displays: Have a jpeg and HTML displays created that you can use in your emails, Facebook, Instagram and other campaigns.

3.) Blog Marketing: Have your advertisements sent to qualified blogs in the same fields.

4.) Business Cards: Get business cards that sell your business.

5.) Develop a Plan: Develop a low cost plan that fits with your small business goals and needs.

Need a marketing plan for under $500?

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