Thursday, January 17, 2019

Training Your Horse to Slalom from Walk to Canter

Three rules I think of when trying to train a horse to slalom between poles. I think of walk, trot, canter. Of course there are lots of little rules but the slalom is really about mobility of the horse. Are you able to use the horse the way you need with the dexterity needed for the situation. Can you move around obstacles without risk or running or injury?

The goal is to continuously increase your timing and improve upon your horses flying lead changes. WikiHow has some pretty good tips for flying lead changes

I'm a firm believer that someone should start slow in most cases and then move faster. When you start slow you protect your horse and yourself form making mistakes. Yes....people do make mistakes and I don't want to be one who loses out on an expensive (maybe not that expensive) horse.

One must also take into consideration the need to ensure that you as a rider have the hang of it as well. Your horse should be following your commands. If you do not know what to do you may be giving the wrong commands and therefore the horse responds in the wrong way.

Riding is a source of enjoyment and should not be stressful for you or the horse. While constant and persistent practice is necessary it is not necessary to run risks that you are not prepared to take. If you continue to practice you will find that you will naturally get more complex and with more accuracy. Keep on checking yourself through the process.

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