Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How Not To Miss A Deadline by Using Your Calendar

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Missing a work deadline is a business No No!!!! From our families, our own bad habits and in college many people learn to not get work in on time. We move the consequences further away and in the end being late is a habit. If you are one of those people who are just forgetful or learned to wait until the last minute you may want to learn to use your calendar better.

Most email programs like Google, Office, etc... have a functional online app or access. Personally I like the ones I can put on my phone so its always with me when I need it. This allows me to check it, edit, or add anytime I'm out-and-about or in a meeting.

Set a reminder on the date something is due. You won't miss the deadline if you get a reminder or are accustomed to checking your calendar each day. However, you will still not get the work done if you don't put some earlier reminders. Here are some tips....

1. Put a reminder in on the day it is due.

2. Include any relevant information.

3. Put in a reminder a few days early and act as though that is your deadline in case there are delays.

4. Put in a reminder way in advance for when to start a project or at certain intervals.

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