Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Do You Know When to Argue? Sometimes It Matters and Sometimes It Doesn't.

We are social creatures that hang out with our friends, live in tribal systems, and have families. Everything we know about ourselves is through the way others view us. In life, there are times when we should fight when our boundaries that are violated and other times we should just move on. It is hard to know when emotions get involved to know which is the best. I kind of put together a little cheat sheet for you....

1. Get Ready and Argue! There are times when issues are repeated or so grotesque there is almost no option than to argue and hold your line. You may want to first try discussing the issue and seeing if the person is willing to cease the behavior before having a conflict. Sometimes they are willing and sometimes they are not.

2. Lets Just Be Subtle: Sometimes being subtle by backing off slightly, not hanging out, or just making a small comment is enough to sort of let people know that the behavior isn't acceptable. Most interactions work on this level and people respond accordingly.

3. Stay Open to Options: Stay open to the possibility that things change and someday you can reconcile. If the relationship had value to you then wait some time and then text them to reconcile. Sometimes they are willing to and sometimes they are not.

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