Thursday, January 17, 2019

Carry NOT the Things You DON'T Need While Enjoying Nature!!!

Hikers of all kinds constantly pack too much stuff and then load themselves to the point of making their outdoor excursion less than fulfilling. Leave behind the things you don't need and keep your gear light. If you are an "over-packer" consider a much smaller strap backpack.

It all comes down to the same thing! Tooooo muchhhhhh stufff!!

Too much stuff can slow you down, put excess where and tear on body, and cause other problems such as slips and falls. Whether I am trekking through the streets of Rome or jumping rivers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan it is necessary to be light and nimble.

One way I force myself to take exactly what I need is to use a day pack. It holds the essentials such as water bottle, phone, wallet, fishing gear, etc... It is a versatile pack that can be stowed away almost anywhere such as your car.

This pack retails for around $11 delivered. You can review online below.

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