Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bring You Own Bedding While Traveling

Traveling brings you not only the opportunity to see new sites, climb new mountains, and ski radical slopes but also puts you into contact with less than stellar sleeping accomodations.  Unless you're going to stay in the Hilton you will likely stay in older motels abundant in recreational areas. Older motels have older mattresses that could contain bed bugs and other disgusting things.

One of the ways to overcome this challenge is is to bring your own bedding. While sheets, pillow cases and blankets may be impractical to carry around while a sleeping bag might just be fine.

Because I love the outdoors I usually have a sleeping bag in my car. Now I make sure I almost always have one.

As a suggestion you may want to take off the bed cover. Few places wash them on a regular basis and instead use the "spot check" method. 

 If you experience unclean motel go ahead write a review. Some owners don't concern themselves with cleanliness issues unless it injures their pocketbook. I have seen gorgeous trendy motels that have high occupancy rates. 

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