Monday, December 10, 2018

Snow Shoeing On the Go!

Snow shoeing is a great sport to enjoy the outdoors and acclimatize to the outdoor environment. One can go as fast or slow as they want to and therefore can control their actual workout. Sometimes just hitting the snow for an hour can make a big difference in your enjoyment. Live today and enjoy today!

If you want to snow shoe "on the go" you are going to need to have your snow shoes in your car and be ready to hit any trail you have time for. Slip on your snow gear and get it done in an hour. Watch out for the skiers they eye snow shoe "people" as a danger to their grooves. Be polite and stay off them!!

There are lots of great place near Marquette that are enjoyable. I know of five or six places that are easy to find and open year round. Make a day out of it and hit some of the local shops as well.

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