Saturday, December 8, 2018

New Snow Marquette Mountain Open with $99 Season Pass

After coming up to Marquette for an early AM dance class and some quick Christmas shopping I made my way over to Marquette Mountain. Normal passes are around $250 but they asked if I was a teacher or student. I said, "yes I'm a professor", and sometimes a student....they gave me the season pass for $99!!!!!!

Well, it is important to note that daily passes are around $25 so obtaining a season pass that can be paid back with 4 visits is awesome. It wouldn't make sense everywhere but if Iron Mountain has the same deal I have really done well.

The power was awesome the first day. It was soft and fluffy after a few days of snow. Marquette received somewhere around 12 inches and is ready for people to ski. There was people trying out their new gear and getting themselves back into season practice.

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