Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Letting Horses Heal. When to Call the Vet and When to Let it Heal on its Own?

My horse Sass limped around the arena and not in the happy, bouncy mood she usually is. Any weight on her hind quarters seemed to push here into the unhappiness zone. It was time to give her some rest and see if she will recover or she will need a more thorough exam by a veterinarian. Trust me....vets can be very expensive so know when and not when to call them!

For me I would wait when a horse....

Has no visible signs of injury and it looks more like soreness.

The horse seems to not be suffering in any way.

When other opinions agree it looks like the problem will go away.

I would call a vet when my horse.....

Is sore over a long period of time.

The horse is acting very strange, lethargic, or unable to sustain her own weight.

The horse looks like it is pain.

In my case, the hose was sort of limping around for a few days. It would get better and then seemed to have another bad day. I put her in an inside stall and a couple of days. I consulted with a Vet but didn't need a house call. A few days later she was fine with some horse aspirin.

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