Sunday, December 16, 2018

Jogging in the Woods, During the Winter, and With Snow for Max Fitness

In the summer its easy to go out and jog! Its even easier to go jogging on the treadmill where the terrain is level. When you take the leap and start jogging in the woods is when you see the truest use of fitness. Today I went out hiking down wooded trails with my jacket, hat, gloves, and boots. With music pumping in from my headphone I decided to start jogging.

Let me tell you that it was an exhilarating feeling! I'm in the middle of the woods, listening to great music, and jogging with full winter gear on. Hiking boots and all! The way we may need to run if we were hunting, surviving, and in the wilderness. We are not in our t-shirt and jogging shoes on a level surface. When we do this in cold weather we are pumping our lungs as we run up and down the trail with the snow slowing us down.

Tough to get a better workout on that. Just be careful of the ice!

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