Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Building a Christmas Snowman and Candy Cane Yard Decorations

The joy of the holidays returned swiftly after Thanksgiving rushing in a discount sales and Christmas decorations. I haven't owned my house for a long time and don't have a lot of decorations so I opted to build a few yard decorations for fun. It wasn't that hard it just took a little time if you keep coming back to it, letting the paint dry, and making it look good.

I saw this within the store and thought to myself, "I could make this" and....."for much cheaper". No matter what I figured it would be a very fun project! So I bought some plywood and paint and started working.

Basic Steps:

1. Outline what you want to cut.

2. Use a jig saw to cut around the outline.

3. Spray paint white.

4. Outline painting areas.

5. Paint your stripes, eyes, bow, etc....

6. Using two colors together helps highlight.

It didn't turn out perfect but if I was to do it again it would be a little better. I might get something to create perfect circles. A nail and string would work well.

Projects help balance out your life and improve skills so that you can do other types of work. For example, more experience with wood working would eventually lead into furniture and boat making as a hobby.  Fingers crossed.

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