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Self-Identity in the Development of the Gifted? Until.....

Gifted adults come from a long line of thinking, feeling, and acting differently when compared to other people. Their higher intelligence causes them to interact with their world in lush way that leads to a deeper understanding of the environment. Their biology impacts what stimuli they experience, while their child rearing influences how they feel about themselves in the world. That is true at least until....... The gifted begin to understand these perceptual differences among people and how to navigate their social environment. When the gifted have formulated a core identity and learn how to interact with others, they can create a better perception of self. Understanding the self makes a huge difference in whether they will under perform or move into genius status. Morelock explains giftedness as.... "Trying to fit in at the expense of the Self leads many gifted people to feel like aliens from a different planet ..." ( 1998, p. 205). The alien feeling is about know

Sense of Community on the Slopes

Bonfires and beverages make a great way to get to know your neighbor. In the skiing community they offer opportunities to warm up and engage in discussion. People stop by these places to take a break and meet new people. Hidden among the trees is a roaring fire with people taking a break from the slopes. 

Jogging in the Woods, During the Winter, and With Snow for Max Fitness

In the summer its easy to go out and jog! Its even easier to go jogging on the treadmill where the terrain is level. When you take the leap and start jogging in the woods is when you see the truest use of fitness. Today I went out hiking down wooded trails with my jacket, hat, gloves, and boots. With music pumping in from my headphone I decided to start jogging. Let me tell you that it was an exhilarating feeling! I'm in the middle of the woods, listening to great music, and jogging with full winter gear on. Hiking boots and all! The way we may need to run if we were hunting, surviving, and in the wilderness. We are not in our t-shirt and jogging shoes on a level surface. When we do this in cold weather we are pumping our lungs as we run up and down the trail with the snow slowing us down. Tough to get a better workout on that. Just be careful of the ice!

Santa and Deals in the Escanaba Mall

You know its Christmas when the Santa's come out and the kids start screaming. Christmas events are drawing people into the mall. Stores, that are not normally available, have set up shop. Circle M and Esky, Gladstone and Rapid River apparel (Sorry forgot the name of the store). Its a great time to get into the mall and see some of the large discounts. I have been buying gifts on discount this morning (shhhhhh!!! Don't tell anyone I buy on the clearance rack.).

Cross Country Skiing and its Fitness Level

Cross country skiing is a great workout that is much easier on the body than say jogging or other sports that jar the body. The movement of the arms and legs forward and backward lead to a high level of cardio impact without necessarily making any hard moves on the body. It is a fluid motion that maintains a level of resistance for muscle building. Improving one's body means getting out and putting a level of stress on it. That doesn't mean we should wear it out and cause injury. It does mean we find activities that are physically challenging while still being enjoyable. Playing in the snow is enjoyable to me!!!

Exploring New Ways of Painting Through Integrative Learning

Painting is a a creative outlet for me. While I'm watching TV or working on my house, I will sometimes bounce over to the the corner I designated for painting and work on a paint project. Because I do not sell these for much, and donate a large percentage of the money to charity, I am willing to risk making mistakes. When I don't understand something I go online and find a new method. Like many other activities painting is a learning process. With time you start to think more along the lines of detail and improvement. For example, now I notice brush strokes, shading, and method a little more than before I painted. Once you learn something you can apply it. This process of learning, applying, and solving problems can go on throughout a persons life. If they are aware that this process is occurring they can come to master what they learn and know why they learned it. You only judge yourself because it has nothing to do with other people and their abilities. My painting is p

Pushing Employees to Master New Skills

Employees don't wake up and wonder how they can improve their skills. Instead they live by patterns that determine which skills they need to earn an income. When their patterns don't change they don't need new skills. When patterns change, the employee must change as well. How does a manager improve employee skills? First, create the momentum for change. Patterns rule people's lives and without a change in the pattern people are generally unwilling to go through the stress of change. Let them they know change must happen now! Second, there must be a reason to change. Sometimes we can simple explain to them the necessity of doing things differently while at other times we might need to use incentives to support change through performance adjustments. Third, give workers a proper perspective. Let them conceptualize how their work skills impact the rest of the organization. Putting the work they do within a proper perspective can make a difference in their ability to

Letting Horses Heal. When to Call the Vet and When to Let it Heal on its Own?

My horse Sass limped around the arena and not in the happy, bouncy mood she usually is. Any weight on her hind quarters seemed to push here into the unhappiness zone. It was time to give her some rest and see if she will recover or she will need a more thorough exam by a veterinarian. Trust me....vets can be very expensive so know when and not when to call them! For me I would wait when a horse.... Has no visible signs of injury and it looks more like soreness. The horse seems to not be suffering in any way. When other opinions agree it looks like the problem will go away. I would call a vet when my horse..... Is sore over a long period of time. The horse is acting very strange, lethargic, or unable to sustain her own weight. The horse looks like it is pain. In my case, the hose was sort of limping around for a few days. It would get better and then seemed to have another bad day. I put her in an inside stall and a couple of days. I consulted with a Vet but didn&

Snow Shoeing On the Go!

Snow shoeing is a great sport to enjoy the outdoors and acclimatize to the outdoor environment. One can go as fast or slow as they want to and therefore can control their actual workout. Sometimes just hitting the snow for an hour can make a big difference in your enjoyment. Live today and enjoy today! If you want to snow shoe "on the go" you are going to need to have your snow shoes in your car and be ready to hit any trail you have time for. Slip on your snow gear and get it done in an hour. Watch out for the skiers they eye snow shoe "people" as a danger to their grooves. Be polite and stay off them!! There are lots of great place near Marquette that are enjoyable. I know of five or six places that are easy to find and open year round. Make a day out of it and hit some of the local shops as well.

Tips on How to Keep Students in Online Classrooms Aware of Expectations

Students in online environments gain freedom, learn independence, and live in media rich environments. However, online education does create some difficulty with passing personal expectations of the professor. Such problems are not insurmountable. One must be simply more diligent in keeping in constant communication. Here are a few ideas that might help: -Communicate Often: It is important to communicate often to ensure students are hearing on a regular basis what is going on. While we can't spell everything out for all students, we can still work on ensuring that there is enough information for them to make appropriate decisions. -Be Consistent: Don't change what your saying often unless it is necessary. When you are consistent it is easier for people to understand your message. -Be Simple and Clear: Don't confuse people with high end language. Keep things clear and simple. -Use Different Forms of Media: Try not to say things in the same format and media channel

Christmas Parades in Escanaba Have High Turnouts

The Escanaba Christmas parade had a high turn out with people lined up and down the street. People came with their warmest clothing and stood in the freezing temperatures to support their community. We spent the night at Leigh's Winery watching from the window. A few pictures if want to enjoy. Creating a sense of community is very important in small towns like this. It helps people see there are things going on that are wonderful and family oriented.

New Snow Marquette Mountain Open with $99 Season Pass

After coming up to Marquette for an early AM dance class and some quick Christmas shopping I made my way over to Marquette Mountain. Normal passes are around $250 but they asked if I was a teacher or student. I said, "yes I'm a professor", and sometimes a student....they gave me the season pass for $99!!!!!! Well, it is important to note that daily passes are around $25 so obtaining a season pass that can be paid back with 4 visits is awesome. It wouldn't make sense everywhere but if Iron Mountain has the same deal I have really done well. The power was awesome the first day. It was soft and fluffy after a few days of snow. Marquette received somewhere around 12 inches and is ready for people to ski. There was people trying out their new gear and getting themselves back into season practice.

Thinking of Delta County Shipping, Rails and Manufacturing as Business Improvement Opportunities

Rural counties like Delta County don't have a lot of population and attracting businesses is difficult. It is necessary to use the current infrastructure and environment to determine potential avenues of economic growth that can result in greater prosperity. Delta County, including Escanaba and Gladstone, have a powerful transportation system that could be used to support manufacturing. There are two ways to look at this....1.) transportation as an industry and 2.) transportation as a support industry. 1. Transportation as an Industry: Transportation acts as an industry when that is the major employer and not used as a support to other businesses in the area. In such a case, Delta County it would be a reshipping, packing, and redistribution center for flights coming from KI Sawyer, Rail, or Road. Such a place would need to be ideally and strategically located in a way that makes it a feasible location to distribute items. Sometimes places can consider modifying the products in

Building a Christmas Snowman and Candy Cane Yard Decorations

The joy of the holidays returned swiftly after Thanksgiving rushing in a discount sales and Christmas decorations. I haven't owned my house for a long time and don't have a lot of decorations so I opted to build a few yard decorations for fun. It wasn't that hard it just took a little time if you keep coming back to it, letting the paint dry, and making it look good. I saw this within the store and thought to myself, "I could make this" and....."for much cheaper". No matter what I figured it would be a very fun project! So I bought some plywood and paint and started working. Basic Steps: 1. Outline what you want to cut. 2. Use a jig saw to cut around the outline. 3. Spray paint white. 4. Outline painting areas. 5. Paint your stripes, eyes, bow, etc.... 6. Using two colors together helps highlight. It didn't turn out perfect but if I was to do it again it would be a little better. I might get something to create perfect circles.

An Old Book that Teaches Human Traits and Their Social Significance

The 1920 book Human Traits and Their Social Significance by Dr. Irwin Edman gives a comprehensive overview of the human being within the environment in which we live. It covers two major aspects of life that include the social aspects and the reason aspects. It views man as a total creature surrounded by lots of influences that play upon him/her the whole of their lives. Understanding these influences encourages students to think widely about their life and choices. What I like about some of these old books is that they were made in a time of nation building where the development of the human being was an important part of societal interest. Governments looked for ways to improve and compete in the world and relied heavily on the human being to do so. Learning how to advance people was part of that competitive nature. The work covers 1. Types of Human Behavior; 2. Instincts, Habits and Emotions; 3. Reflection, 4. Human Activites; 5. Social Nature; 6. Culture Traits; 7. Individualit

Dance for Quality of Life and Health

Sometimes I like to engage in dance as an exercise and art form. It is one of those sports that takes some commitment. What I have found is that if you engage in multiple sports, dance is a good augmentation in a way that leads to greater flexibility and health. Today is a ballet show Nutcracker I am part of through a dance company in Marquette. As an art form it should be encouraged and supported in local communities. You will learn to be coordinated. Dance is about coordination. You will learn to use your body in a manner that leads to a specific outcome. As you become more coordinated, it is also likely that you will increasingly improve your complexity. Likewise, it is also possible that you will find your body becoming more flexible in nature and capable of taking on more complex positions. In essence, your muscles will need a certain amount of stretching to handle some of the moves. Furthermore, you will gain strength in parts of your body that you can't imaging. Certai