Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Diligent Students that Make Tomorrow's Leaders

Students will develop into tomorrow's economic drivers. Leadership is part internal and part external in its selection of those it hopes to advance. The external environment may be social drivers and financial influences that are outside the control of future leaders. However, the right personality can create its own solutions to influencing the market. Tomorrows leaders are being incubated in schools today and discovered through diligence!

Diligence separates those who are likely to be successful from those who are not based on their ability to keep going despite the odds. They don't allow the world around them, or its circumstances to derail them from where they want to go.

You can find these students working on their programs day in and day out without missing work or skipping class. They push toward their goals every day as though it is the most important thing on the planet.

They have emotional intelligence and know how to work on their goals without allowing their emotions to derail their work.

They have a bigger vision of themselves and make an effort to achieve that vision through how they see themselves. Their education is part of who they want to become.

They can provide insight and help others even when it doesn't immediately help them. They can see the bigger picture of community and needed support.

Problem Solvers: They are problem solvers that find new and innovative ways of solving problems.

Professors should keep an eye out for tomorrow's leaders and help them when they can. Leaders are not always the ones with the highest grades but the ones who keep going despite the odds. They solve problems and focus on the bigger picture. Our nation need brighter leaders for tomorrow and should start the process of discovering them wherever they lay.

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