Monday, November 19, 2018

Firewood and Utility Vehicles

You would think living in a small town in the woods you would have plenty of firewood. Apparently people don't enjoy going out in the woods and cutting it up. While I have got wood into smaller vehicles the little SUV Chevy Equinox did a pretty good job taking in half a face cord. A little more needed to to in the back seat but I did get my wood for the snowy winter!

Hauling it to various stashing places around the house I start thinking I'm more of a squirrel hiding nuts than an actual person. You have to sort of think about ease of obtaining as well as how far you have to walk. Sometimes a sled can help but.....without kids in the house....I got none of those.

I'm always looking around for more wood anyplace I can get it. It should of course be hardwood as pine burns way too fast. I'm in a place surrounded by trees but not enough firewood.

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