Friday, November 9, 2018

Are Students Preferring Faster and More Media Rich Learning Environments?

A few colleagues and I worked on some research as it associates to online student learning. The research was relatively simple but basically asked a series of questions to students in a number of classes. The end result was students wanted more technology. What did they want?

1.) More Interaction: They liked to engage with their classmates and learn from each other.

2.) More Videos and Recordings: Students enjoyed listening to videos and podcasts more than actual reading.

3.) Critical Thinking: Students enjoyed critical thinking and problem solving. The process of creating solutions excited them.

What they didn't like.....

1. Reading: Students didn't like reading large text books.

2. DQ: They didn't necessarily enjoy DQ unless there was a problem solving aspect to it and some social interaction.

What we should do.....

It would make sense for us to consider the option of breaking up large books into smaller reading integrated throughout the course. In addition, where videos, pod casts, etc... can be used they should be implemented. Furthermore, helping students to interact more and solve problems collaboratively is helpful. One may also want to use more solution based DQ.

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