Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Why its Important to Set Fitness Goals and Stay Consistent

In order to achieve your goals you are going to need to set them and stick with them on a consistent basis. There will be many trials and tribulations during the process but the end goal should be fairly consistent throughout it all. These goals should be like a guiding light that you can keep referring to each time you question your commitment. It is those who keep them as an overarching focus that seem to do well over the long run.

Lets first say that I do not propose that all people who set goals will succeed. I set many goals and achieved most of them but also failed miserably on a number of them. With fortitude I continue to adjust and change toward those goals despite current circumstances.

So lets put down the "hype" that all people will succeed at everything they will do. You will find though that some will succeed and those who diligently pursue goals over a long period of time grow, change, and get better for doing so. Often they will learning something or gain a better path.

Goal setting is what sets those who do from those who don't. It doesn't matter if it is school, fitness, family, money, or just cleaning the garage. If you have it in your mind that it is important you will start the process and it is the starting the process that is the biggest contributor to success.

If the goals are long and you continue on that path for many years you will get better and better. The path is there and you continue to follow it. Eventually, you will come to a point that you look back and accept your progress, or find more worthy paths you can be proud of. If you never start walking you have no where to go. Fitness is about daily commitment and baby steps.

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