Sunday, October 21, 2018

Why is there a need for creativity in marketing research?

Research often deals with the exact, the finite and squeezed through a rigorous process to remove even the hint of errors. The creative mind doesn't work in the exact manner and sort of "guess-i-mates" the potentiality of new connections. While it would seem that a scientific mind and a creative one are on the opposite spectrum, they actually coexist and enhance each other. In marketing research this can be helpful in gaining new key insights into new human behaviors.

Science deals with depth and exactness. The more data you pull, the deeper knowledge you gain. Lots of data, and data collection is an exact process. The entire scientific method is designed to ensure a level of integrity in the process. This type of thinking deals with detail and processes.

Creativity courts possibilities and lots of maybes. It isn't an exact process but more of an exploration of mental game play that leads to new insights. Creating new forms and ways of doing things fosters new mental pathways and eventually a Eureka moment!!

The process of creativity comes into play twice within the scientific method. The conceptualization of the idea and the use of the information. It is also possible that latent information must have new and unique methods of obtaining it but ultimately the really big ideas come from conceptualizing and reconnecting the data in new ways to find practical use.

The mental process of science digs deeper into these new creative ideas. It determines if it actually is working, the strength of that connection, and where the holes are through definition. It is up to the creative mind to determine possible theoretical models and explanations as well as how the information can be used in an entrepreneurial manner that benefits society

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