Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Why Diligence is the Main Factor for Success

Success and failure is based on our ability to compete and succeed in our environment. We should not define that success by money alone but by the many different talents and goals that we desire to achieve. If we have something in our mind and focus our efforts diligence will be the ultimate determinant of our success.

If we continue to work toward our goals, and not deter from them, success will be had. No doubt our environment and our skills play a factor but it is our ability to push forward that wins out over the decades. We may not succeed at first but in the end the day will be ours as we discover resources and gain new talents.

The true test of a persons resilience is to find a noble goal and work towards it through many different life events and distractions. We are so focused on our money and trivial things that we forget there is a higher value position out there that we can chase.

For me, shallow things like money can be part of the process but are not a great goal in and of themselves. We can't take it with us when we leave this earth but can use it as a tool for other things. For example, if you were a scientist being independently wealthy might have its advantages in freeing you to pursue your goals.

If you were a billionaire you may also be a philanthropist that seeks to be a patron to the arts, enhance science, develop the human mind, or many other lofty pursuits. Your wealth becomes a tool and continued increasing of wealth can have a positive impact on society.

We know that life is going to throw us curve balls that will ultimately temporarily derail us. Those who are most likely to succeed in school, life, career, and with themselves are those that keep going. They get back on the path and continue to work toward the things that truly interest them. The put their housekeeping in good order and get back to work diligently.

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