Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What is a Sustainable Economy?

A perpetual sustainable economy is an important part of rejuvenating the U.S. to a system that continues to get stronger year after year. Much has changed over the past 30-40 years and we see that our system has lost some of its economic power and abilities. To return to an upward trajectory we have to think about what it means to be a sustainable economy that continue to grow. A few thoughts below are included for mental digestion.

-Produces Sufficient Tax Revenue: Produces enough tax revenue to pay for large scale improvements, governance, encouraging of work skills, public services and general improvement in the environment. Tax revenue should be able to cover expenditures.

-Investment: Draws enough investment to maintain the area and continue to improve it. That doesn't mean each area must grow but that each area should have enough capital influx to develop and maintain itself.

-Social/Economic Justice: A system of governance that is fair, an economic model that encourages the highest levels of economic activity from all stratus of society, and a general believe that everyone is part of the same community. Each person should be treated fairly under the system and given equal consideration.

-Education, Open Mindedness, and Innovation: Has access to higher education institutions that produce skilled innovative workers, a culture that is open to new ideas and converts them into working philosophies, as well as innovative mindsets that ensure the system develops and rejuvenates.

-Infrastructure: Solid infrastructure that allows the transference of information, resources, product facilities, shipping, and a high quality of life.

-Brand: A city brand that is attracts skilled workers and comes to represent the products produced in the area. Collaborative efforts between government and business is helpful.

-Resources: Cities will need access to certain resources that are not far removed from the products they produce.

-Technology: Continuously takes new technology and integrates into its system. While this seems similar to innovation there are some markets that don't have access to the technological abilities of others.

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