Saturday, October 6, 2018

Pictures of the Desert-Where Artists Get their Inspiration-A Poem on Seeing Life in the Desert

Recently, I traveled through the parched desert and drive for hours past cactus and wild life. You would be surprised that among the horizons of sand is an ecosystem that keeps thriving despite the lack of rain. Colors are often brown and green but one can also find other bright colors in the mix.

I now know why so many people like to paint the desert. Lots of colors, cliffs, and contour give an artist lots of information and delight. Gifted individuals often see contrast and changes in their environment better than others. They can also gain more detail and depth from their environment that all becomes inspiration for painting.

Furthermore, I also like the cliffs and mountains that make a big difference. As a person who grew up in the UP of Michigan we don't often see mountains that large. It is a bit of an awe inspiring experience.

Poem: Desert of Life
 (Chord A7)
Scorching under the desert sun,
life is alive and fun.

It may be that we only see the dead,
Honoring this life is in your head!

We see what we want in the mirage.
The grim reaper hides behind his cape.

You can't put nature on the run!
Life goes on under the burning sun.

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