Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Painting for Research Plastic Ocean Project Charity

Research costs money and the government can't pay for it all. I enjoy the process of research and there are lots of good causes out there. Because I love sailing, the outdoors and of course science I think it is important to support research through one's hobbies. It isn't a lot of money but it does give one a little more motivation to get some work while still contributing to a good cause.

The two paintings of the coast are more or less practice and playing around with concepts. A little while ago a restaurant asked if I would paint something to put on their wall. To get to a larger painting I must pain many small quick paintings to know what I would like to do and how it will all come together on a larger canvas piece.

Usually I give them away to friends or even throw them out if I don't like them. Now I'm thinking that it isn't wise for me to do this. It may make more sense for me to "shoot two birds with one stone" so to speak by offering on Ebay and using 50% for materials and the other 50% to go to a worthwhile charity such as the Research Plastic Ocean Project.

The two pieces come together and are $39.99

Research Plastic Ocean Project Charity

We are a 501c3 devoted to the removal of plastic marine debris, conducting research on the impacts caused by plastic pollution, and solutions creating jobs that will make plastic debris so valuable, it will not end up where it doesn't belong. But above all, educating the masses through artist measures to reduce single use plastics - the ultimate prevention of plastic marine debris.

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