Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Marketing as a Promotion of the Perception of a World View

Marketing has been called a lot of things and there are so many ways of describing it. Yet the field is often associated with a perception of a world view. Within many campaigns is a deep seated need to influence a world view that attracts like minded adherents to purchase the brand. Each campaign provides a methodology to life.

Lets consider an image of a bottle of rum on the beach. You will also find happy young people enjoying themselves. They are promoting a world view that life should be fun and carefree. We should be youthful and enjoy the world.

Another strong example may be a team of people whitewater rafting down a treacherous river. The slogan may say something like, "Conquer the World" or "Explore Your World" indicating that people should seek to challenge and understand the world around them. It just so happens by buying a particular outdoor brand promotes that view.

How we relate to the world is a reflection of our values and how we see ourselves. We may not be aware of the constructed images we have but they say something about how "things should be". When we find certain brands attractive we are promoting our values and lifestyle through a world view of our inner world.

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