Friday, October 19, 2018

Drum Practice for Independent Hands and Feet-Practice 1

Most of my youth I played drums, left it, and came back to it in the past year. One of the things I need to do is improve my hand-foot independence necessary for playing more complex pieces. It is something that if you don't use it and practice regularly you start to lose some abilities. I didn't lose so much I couldn't play, as I tried out and became a drummer for a band (at least back up drummer when In my home town. That was primarily me telling the band I'm not around enough for you to count on me.). But the fine tuning I need isn't there.

Going through practices like this one helps me to relearn drum independence. That opens me up to all different types of beats and combinations such as rolls. Writing it out helps me remember and engrain it. I'm playing around with Sound Cloud.

The music sounds like that below. Please remember this is not a professional edit. I just played it a few times until I got one that matched the above. The first set is Practice 1, pause, The second set is Practice 2, pause, and then the Final Set is Practice 2 with a drum roll. Fairly simple stuff but very helpful as you build on it. Just keep playing without pause.

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