Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Creativity and intelligence are Closely Related Aspects of Problem Solving

Creativity and intelligence might be closely connected. We often thought that people who were intelligent were not necessarily creative and visa versa. New research in the Educational Psychology Review Shows us that deep connections between intelligence and creativity are associated with problem solving through the methods of flexibility, critically, and playfulness (Silvia, 2015).

This would make sense since science and art revolve around discovery of new forms that solve problems. While one may use an exact scientific method the idea must be generated through creativity. Art and science are connected to the concept of theory, art, music, discovery, exploration and much more.

It is also true that highly intelligent people do things differently and also try new things. They use their creativity to solve problems in the world. They explore interest of theirs and help the rest of society catch up to their thinking. They are unique and should be honored for their uniqueness.

At its very fundamental root the human mind makes connections among various stimuli in order to come to greater conclusion. Those who do this better through using memory, analytical ability, abstract thinking, and creativity can often come to more accurate conclusions than others. They process information very deeply and are able to weigh and balance alternatives better than the bell curve average.

Silvia, P. (2015). Intelligence and creativity are pretty similar after all. Educational Psychology Review, (27) 4.

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