Friday, October 12, 2018

Building in Rest Periods While Working Out by Changing Things Up

Working out is great for your body and many of us enjoy it regularly. We run into the problem when our bodies get stiff and worn out. While sometimes it makes sense to sort of work through these problems other times it is wiser to take the day off by doing something else. Thus you are not taking the day off of a workout but only doing something that uses different muscles allowing your body's sore spots to rest.

These are a few things that pop up when I know I need to adjust my workout

1.Soreness over a couple of days. Your body should nearly recover between workouts.
2. Tiredness. Your body gets tired and you feel like you need more sleep.
3. Stiffness. When your body feels stiff and hard to stretch.

What I do on these days, every three days or so, is to engage in a different type of activity such as walking, hiking, kickboxing, biking, or swimming. Because you don't do this often your body changes and adjusts these sports and turns workout gains into functional muscle that improves your overall health while adding to your quality of life..

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