Thursday, October 18, 2018

4 good reasons why it is important for non-profits to still think about branding?

Sometimes when running a non-profit we don't think of it as a business. Yet this isn't true and difference between a successful and unsuccessful one is its branding. They have income through donations and they have expenses. The only major difference is they are not allowed to keep their profit beyond rainy day funds. The brand will determine in many ways how successful your non-profit will be in drawing people.

1.) Resonate with People: The brand image of the non-profit should resonate with people and attract them.

2.) Motivate to Act: The brand should motivate people to act on the behalf of the mission of the organization.

3.) Pictures and Images: Pictures will help people connect deeper with the organization. It improves motivation.

4.) A Few Key Words/a Slogan: Have a few key words or a slogan that describes your non-profit so people can understand and retain quickly.

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