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The Economic Benefits of Long-tail Marketing as an Exercise of Collective Capitalism

Marketing can be collectively organized or it can be decentralized and chaotic. In the world of marketing both methods can create brand awareness through focal and dispersed action. Information distribution is also a form of marketing as companies rely heavily on it to make investment decisions. Having useful information that is easily searchable is helpful to the process of discovery, research and investment. Companies can disseminate information just like governments and associations can. The only difference is that they are not often as coordinated as collaborative efforts. However, even this chaotic individualized approaches creates data chains that are often picked up in search engines and databases. We understand the benefits of creating a long-tail of marketing online with products/services while we don't often think of a city as a business. Yet the awareness of the region is directly associated with the amount of times certain words are repeated in popular media. Inform

Why You Won't Change Most People's Minds - So Stop Trying!

People formulate opinions throughout the day. They do not have the time or energy to think long and hard about any such conclusions because they must focus on more pressing issues. For most people, once they made a quick heuristic decision most will not go back and revisit their assumptions. Pushing people to rethink and use critical thinking to make more accurate assessments is likely to be met with disdain and possibly even anger making it a relatively useless strategy in most situations. Let me say that I have some experience in contract labor negotiations and higher education so my job is/was to influence others so this is not useless advice. The key difference between those you can influence through logical discussion and those you can't is willingness. Willingness- The willingness to learn and make new conclusions. Another term for this is open-mindedness versus close mindedness.  Those who are willing come to the table to negotiate, need advice, may want to learn, or s

4 Reasons You Should Still Love the Traditional Lecture

There has been discussions on how the Traditional Lecture is going out with modern technology that seems to enjoy sound bites more than depth. The lecture still has an important place in higher education and should be maintained. 1. Cognitive Commitment: The lecture requires a cognitive commitment to follow and learn from. 2. Community of Learners: People who attend lectures often meet each other and create a community of learners. 3. Quality of Learning: While certainly you can learn from many different channels of knowledge tansferrence the face to face method is the most rich for remembrance. 4.History: Lectures are methods of Learning that date back to ancient Greece and Mesopotamia.

University of Madison Wisconsin Old Campus in Pictures

Throughout the years I have maintained a love of old campuses, the buildings, and the lifestyle. While jogging around in the morning I was brightened by the beautiful waterfront campus with traditional buildings a thriving street full of businesses that runs right from the library.

Pictures of Fall Leaves-Hiking in Brilliance

Hiking through the woods is one of my favorite past times. As the season cools the leaves change and you will find many of the hiking trails becoming beautiful over time.

Why its Important to Set Fitness Goals and Stay Consistent

In order to achieve your goals you are going to need to set them and stick with them on a consistent basis. There will be many trials and tribulations during the process but the end goal should be fairly consistent throughout it all. These goals should be like a guiding light that you can keep referring to each time you question your commitment. It is those who keep them as an overarching focus that seem to do well over the long run. Lets first say that I do not propose that all people who set goals will succeed. I set many goals and achieved most of them but also failed miserably on a number of them. With fortitude I continue to adjust and change toward those goals despite current circumstances. So lets put down the "hype" that all people will succeed at everything they will do. You will find though that some will succeed and those who diligently pursue goals over a long period of time grow, change, and get better for doing so. Often they will learning something or gai

Why is there a need for creativity in marketing research?

Research often deals with the exact, the finite and squeezed through a rigorous process to remove even the hint of errors. The creative mind doesn't work in the exact manner and sort of "guess-i-mates" the potentiality of new connections. While it would seem that a scientific mind and a creative one are on the opposite spectrum, they actually coexist and enhance each other. In marketing research this can be helpful in gaining new key insights into new human behaviors. Science deals with depth and exactness. The more data you pull, the deeper knowledge you gain. Lots of data, and data collection is an exact process. The entire scientific method is designed to ensure a level of integrity in the process. This type of thinking deals with detail and processes. Creativity courts possibilities and lots of maybes. It isn't an exact process but more of an exploration of mental game play that leads to new insights. Creating new forms and ways of doing things fosters new men

A Great Yoga Practice for People Who Dance and Engage in Self Defense

I have a personal trainer certificate and keep my eye out for different stretches and activities that support other sports such as self-defense, dance, horse riding, etc... This is a good stretch routine for those who need great flexibility in their legs and hamstrings. If your not in practice some of this might be harder but it is still gets you ready for whatever leg movements you will be doing.

A Couple of Conceptual Quick Paintings In Preparation for Larger Work

Lately I have been fortunate in finding places to display work. Two different restaurants are willing to host my paintings to their patrons. I have two works (not these two) completed but need at least three of them. What I seek to do is create larger paintings from concepts that work on smaller canvas. The use of conceptual quick paintings saves me time and money because you can just try out the idea before moving onto a larger painting where you may struggle with an idea and then the whole painting suffers. For example, out of the two here I choose the black and white one and redo it on larger canvas and take time to put in the detail. This one just took about 10 minutes because I'm going fast and don't really care much what the end result is as long as it is spatially functional. I'm not sure if I will put colored leaves in or not. The other one is simple scrap because I discarded it. Was trying to make almost a neon tree.

Small Town Marketing is Different Than Large International Companies

While there are principles that will be the same in both small and large town marketing I'm surprised by how the channels are remarkably different in modern times.  Small businesses need visitors within a small range while national/international businesses need as wide a market as they can get within their specific demographic. This creates two fundamentally different approaches. Small Business: Needs local advertising in newspapers, flyers, local sponsorship, local tv channels, business cards, billboards, and word of mouth. There is some need to ensure popular mapping apps like Google Maps shows your location as people will find you from there. Large International/National Businesses: Rely on national/international newspapers, online marketing methods, national TV channels, and overall wide exposure outlets. Fundamentally one focuses all the channels specific to their local area while the other seeks to create wide reach. While some local advertising, such is the case of Red

Drum Practice for Independent Hands and Feet-Practice 1

Most of my youth I played drums, left it, and came back to it in the past year. One of the things I need to do is improve my hand-foot independence necessary for playing more complex pieces. It is something that if you don't use it and practice regularly you start to lose some abilities. I didn't lose so much I couldn't play, as I tried out and became a drummer for a band (at least back up drummer when In my home town. That was primarily me telling the band I'm not around enough for you to count on me.). But the fine tuning I need isn't there. Going through practices like this one helps me to relearn drum independence. That opens me up to all different types of beats and combinations such as rolls. Writing it out helps me remember and engrain it. I'm playing around with Sound Cloud. The music sounds like that below. Please remember this is not a professional edit. I just played it a few times until I got one that matched the above. The first set is Practic

Three Benefits of Walking in the Woods-Pictures

1. Slowing heart rate. 2. Improved cardio health from walking. 3. Greater appreciation of the world.

4 good reasons why it is important for non-profits to still think about branding?

Sometimes when running a non-profit we don't think of it as a business. Yet this isn't true and difference between a successful and unsuccessful one is its branding. They have income through donations and they have expenses. The only major difference is they are not allowed to keep their profit beyond rainy day funds. The brand will determine in many ways how successful your non-profit will be in drawing people. 1.) Resonate with People: The brand image of the non-profit should resonate with people and attract them. 2.) Motivate to Act: The brand should motivate people to act on the behalf of the mission of the organization. 3.) Pictures and Images: Pictures will help people connect deeper with the organization. It improves motivation. 4.) A Few Key Words/a Slogan: Have a few key words or a slogan that describes your non-profit so people can understand and retain quickly.

Highlights Packers vs. 49ers 2018

Great game and close until the end. Sometimes I like watching the highlights because they are cleaner and quicker to understand what happened. These games help to create local pride even though the players are no longer necessarily from the area. They do provide a focal point for people when they think of their hometown areas.

Horses that Follow You-What does it mean and why?

While walking around the arena putting about away some equipment I noticed my horse Sass started following me around. When I tied her up she would pull against her reins until she was free and then follow me again. Curious I started to do a little research on why horses follow you around. It comes down to acceptance-One good and one no so great. The horse accepts you because it views you as part of its pack. It believes you are no longer a threat or a foreigner to its pack and doesn't have a reason to run away from you. The acceptance is a great thing but the type of acceptance is another. Lets say that she follows you and doesn't attempt to dominate you. In other words she isn't pushing you around with her nose, nipping, and getting into your space. She just wants to be near you. This is a sign she has accepted you and has bonded with you. You are higher on the horse hierarchy than her. If she is pushing you around and getting in your space you will need to cor

Supporting Eco Tourism and Health Through DCN Trails Clean Up-Get Involved!

Tonight I attended DCN Trails which stands for Delta County Non-Motorized Trails Organization. Its a group of people who get together to protect and improve local trails. Doing so not only increases access to these trails for people who want to get out in nature but also encourages ecotourism of the area that lends itself to economic development. While government can set policy and do a lot it is up to local businesses, groups, and people to invest in their own eco-tourism future. Businesses and citizens can get out and make a difference through financial or personal effort. There are two events you may want to join. Both are between 9 am and 12 cleaning up and clearing trails. Bring shovels, limb cutters and rakes. Saturday October 20th Days River Trail Head Saturday October 27th Rapid River Trial Head*F

Marketing as a Promotion of the Perception of a World View

Marketing has been called a lot of things and there are so many ways of describing it. Yet the field is often associated with a perception of a world view. Within many campaigns is a deep seated need to influence a world view that attracts like minded adherents to purchase the brand. Each campaign provides a methodology to life. Lets consider an image of a bottle of rum on the beach. You will also find happy young people enjoying themselves. They are promoting a world view that life should be fun and carefree. We should be youthful and enjoy the world. Another strong example may be a team of people whitewater rafting down a treacherous river. The slogan may say something like, "Conquer the World" or "Explore Your World" indicating that people should seek to challenge and understand the world around them. It just so happens by buying a particular outdoor brand promotes that view. How we relate to the world is a reflection of our values and how we see ourselves.

Simple Guitar Scales-Getting Nimble Again with Your Fingers

In recent years I have been re-exploring life in a new way realizing that many of the things we thought would be important are not that important. I have regained a love for creativity, music and art. I once while young earned a scholarship for music but have left that for more practical pursuits. Yet as I get older I realize that music should still be part of our lives and improve our lives. Here is is some scales that improve your fingers and your ability to move up and down the frets quickly.

Video on Jumping Horses - Pacing and Position

Slowly I'm teaching my horse to jump. Following professional advice I learned that I should start with the bar on the ground and teach my horse to go over it. Eventually you raise that bar. Having the horse jump is one thing but making sure you are paced well and in proper body position is a complete other issue. This video helps highlight that.

The Joy that Comes from House Repairs- Tips on Getting it Done Right

When I say that the last think you like to see is something that needs to be fixed on the house. It costs money and it costs time. Most of us just hire someone and can become extremely frustrated when contractors don't show up, overcharge and even hide information to extract more information. There is a joy in conducting much of your own home repairs as long as you are willing to take your time and do things the right way. A couple of rules come to mind. 1.) Take Your Time: The number one problem with house repairs is people not taking their time. They rush and make big mistakes. 2.) Learn, Read and Ask Questions: Go online, read and ask people how to do something. 3.) Analyze what your going to do? Analyze what you are going to do before you get ready. 4.) Take measurements: Make sure you understand the sizes and lengths you will need. 5.) Reinforce everything: You may think you have enough but reinforce things when you can. 6.) Safety First: Make sure everything is do

What is a True Academic?

The world of higher education is changing. The models are changing and they way we teach students is also changing. The role of the academic will be in question in the future. The use of adjunct instructors is increasing and the full time thinkers are going out the window because we can't justify their return dollars. We will need to rethink the role of the modern academic and encourage thinkers as a function of society even when we don't like what they have to say. Let me rephrase that....its not that we can't determine their ROI its that we can't calculate all of it. Somethings don't lend themselves well to the dollar. A single thought or idea put in the mind of a hopeful youth may create the next Bill Gates or inspire gifted students to create something that caries on from generation to generation. The true academic is not the person who seeks to gain promotions simply to show to themselves they are valuable people. They don't need prestige and constant p

The Art of Estas Tonne as a Guitar Musician and Simple Promoter

Estas Tonne offers some of the most beautiful guitar music I have heard. His skill is amazing and his videos seem to have a sort of simple aspect to them making it more of a backyard sort of impression. Great music can happen anywhere kind of feeling! He seems to have be pushing the concept of beauty in the world. Music must only be played and heard. It is to be enjoyed by all people and there is a story within the notes.

Changing of the Color of Leaves in Garden Fayette Park Hiking Areas

Pictures of the life of early industrial workers and the cliffs of Fayette Historical Park. There are some good trails around there that will let you have birds eye view of the village. Nice parking and camp sites. You can start to see the colors change on the trees which is amazing. If your interested in buying any print outs let me know. I give half to charity and keep the other half for expenses. 8.5 X11 $25 and 16X20" $50. I can either bill you or send you a Pay Pal Request. Just let me know which pic you way is start with #1 at the top and go down. Map

Building in Rest Periods While Working Out by Changing Things Up

Working out is great for your body and many of us enjoy it regularly. We run into the problem when our bodies get stiff and worn out. While sometimes it makes sense to sort of work through these problems other times it is wiser to take the day off by doing something else. Thus you are not taking the day off of a workout but only doing something that uses different muscles allowing your body's sore spots to rest. These are a few things that pop up when I know I need to adjust my workout 1.Soreness over a couple of days. Your body should nearly recover between workouts. 2. Tiredness. Your body gets tired and you feel like you need more sleep. 3. Stiffness. When your body feels stiff and hard to stretch. What I do on these days, every three days or so, is to engage in a different type of activity such as walking, hiking, kickboxing, biking, or swimming. Because you don't do this often your body changes and adjusts these sports and turns workout gains into functional muscle

Going Back to Your Fundamentals To Ensure You are Giving the Right Signals To Your Horse

Training and working with horses is not easy and takes a lot of time and effort. One of the way I go back and check on my fundamentals is to ensure that as a rider I'm giving the proper signals to my horse. Watching videos helps me do this fairly easy task. If you do it wrong it will impact you. I was playing polo a month ago and couldn't figure out why my reigns kept slipping when they got moist. I think noticed my grip was wrong. :)

What is a Sustainable Economy?

A perpetual sustainable economy is an important part of rejuvenating the U.S. to a system that continues to get stronger year after year. Much has changed over the past 30-40 years and we see that our system has lost some of its economic power and abilities. To return to an upward trajectory we have to think about what it means to be a sustainable economy that continue to grow. A few thoughts below are included for mental digestion. -Produces Sufficient Tax Revenue: Produces enough tax revenue to pay for large scale improvements, governance, encouraging of work skills, public services and general improvement in the environment. Tax revenue should be able to cover expenditures. -Investment: Draws enough investment to maintain the area and continue to improve it. That doesn't mean each area must grow but that each area should have enough capital influx to develop and maintain itself. -Social/Economic Justice: A system of governance that is fair, an economic model that encourage

Cardio Kickboxing Routine that will Make Your Heart Pump

I came across this video that works very well in getting your heart rate up while still teaching you a little about kick boxing. While the skills are not really designed for those who want to learn correct form and more they can help strengthen those muscles and create the coordination that leads to better boxing practices.

Why Diligence is the Main Factor for Success

Success and failure is based on our ability to compete and succeed in our environment. We should not define that success by money alone but by the many different talents and goals that we desire to achieve. If we have something in our mind and focus our efforts diligence will be the ultimate determinant of our success. If we continue to work toward our goals, and not deter from them, success will be had. No doubt our environment and our skills play a factor but it is our ability to push forward that wins out over the decades. We may not succeed at first but in the end the day will be ours as we discover resources and gain new talents. The true test of a persons resilience is to find a noble goal and work towards it through many different life events and distractions. We are so focused on our money and trivial things that we forget there is a higher value position out there that we can chase. For me, shallow things like money can be part of the process but are not a great goal in

Finding Those Things That Make You Happy and You!

As you age you will soon come to find that people are more and less important at the same time. You may be more free from the constraints of others opinions but at the same time you like to socialize more. That socialization is often enjoyable and then set on the shelf for another time and place. Finding activities that make you happy with people who enjoy them with you is important for comfort. Those activities can be great outlets that allow you to socialize, get into shape and engage in an activity. Some people like to dance, some like to go bowling, and others make like to do charity events. The person chooses those things that they enjoy the most. A few of us may like variety. Being free means charting your own course in life with those things that may! People will still want you to be like them and adhere to their beliefs. While you may be aware of the social consequences of not being "cut from a cookie cutter" you can navigate these environments. Self-a

Hiking Colorado Mountains in Pictures

Colorado has some of the most beautiful environments in the world. You would be surprised with the challenging hikes up mountains, streams, and rock climbing opportunities. Of course we are not ignoring the downhill skiing, hunting, and camping opportunities. You may also like the many different small towns in the area and their hometown feel. Vail is awesome but is very commercialized. You can't find parking there. I like the town of Idaho Springs. Busy but not overrun.

The Benefits of Conducting Field Experiments in Marketing

Research comes in many forms and each contributes to our understanding. As scientists we often seek to minimize as many extraneous variables as we can. Compound variables give us migraines! The natural tendency to control and restrict also distorts the truth. Taking real people, with real choices and putting them in a laboratory changes their behavior. Field experiments still have a powerful benefit in gaining external validity and should not be swept aside (Gneezy, 2017). What is external validity? It means that results can be generalized to other people in other situations. As we narrow the environment we have a harder time creating external validity because we have manipulated the nature environment in some way. It becomes artificial and not reflective of the world in which we live. The more we change the environment, the more we also impact the way in which people make decisions. It lessons the ability to isolate the variables but makes the experimental nectar sweet in that ob

IABE - 2019 West Palm Beach - Spring Conference

IABE - 2019 West Palm Beach - Spring Conference - Research / Teaching Excellence in Business and Economics In partnership with KEISER UNIVERSITY March  03-05, 2019     Submission Deadline:  January 05, 2019      Location: Keiser University's Flagship Campus Please visit our website  for more information on our refereed journals and the conference.           Submit your paper online at  or email it to: ,  Review @iabe .org  

Pictures of Archaeology Sites in the U.S.-Ancient Native American Writings and Dinosaur Fossils

If you like magazines like National Geographic and Smithsonian you may get the impression that many of the archaeology sites are not in the U.S. but that is not the case. In Utah you can a host of great places that have Native American Writings and Dinosaur Fossils. Particularly, I like the stories that the Indians of the area used. Apparently, most of the tribes had a similar type language. They discussed travel, food, death, help and more. It was a time where simple things could mean life and death.

Packers vs. Lions-What is it worth?

The Packers loose to the Lions and those who live in the small towns of the Upper Peninsula may be distraught with grief. Loyalty to either of the teams runs high and people regularly argue and get upset with each other depending on which team they support. There are times when they may choose their social networks based on these loyalties. Beyond the obvious advantages of revenue for the state, team owners, bars and restaurants there are also the social connections that are formed through watching these games. As people enjoy the sport they create friendship identities that allow them to develop positive feelings and even greater loyalties.

Pictures of the Desert-Where Artists Get their Inspiration-A Poem on Seeing Life in the Desert

Recently, I traveled through the parched desert and drive for hours past cactus and wild life. You would be surprised that among the horizons of sand is an ecosystem that keeps thriving despite the lack of rain. Colors are often brown and green but one can also find other bright colors in the mix. I now know why so many people like to paint the desert. Lots of colors, cliffs, and contour give an artist lots of information and delight. Gifted individuals often see contrast and changes in their environment better than others. They can also gain more detail and depth from their environment that all becomes inspiration for painting. Furthermore, I also like the cliffs and mountains that make a big difference. As a person who grew up in the UP of Michigan we don't often see mountains that large. It is a bit of an awe inspiring experience. Poem: Desert of Life  (Chord A7) Scorching under the desert sun, life is alive and fun. It may be that we only see the dead, Honoring thi