Saturday, September 29, 2018

Meeting Opera Stars and Info on Becoming a Patron of the Musical Arts

Ashley Cutright
Recently I had the opportunity to meet some of San Diego's Opera stars at a pre-season event in La Jolla. Their voices carried loudly across the packed room and resonated within our hearts. Each of the singers were so friendly and kind to their audience in a way that made the meet and greet very special. Talent connecting with the community can make a big difference in support of this art form.

Opera is a highly developed artistic form. While many of us are listening to the latest bands and electro music that hits the market it is artistic productions like Opera that take years to master and can bring us a truer sense of culture that connects across the ages. If you would like to support the Opera and make a donation, attend an event, or share their link here is their web address. Click the Support Us tab.

They have a great 2018/19 line up!!!

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