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Celebrating Sukkot in Encinitas California

Attending the Sukkot festival at Coastal Roots Farm with some Jewish friends of mine. I'm not that familiar with Jewish traditions although I have some knowledge of more of the historical past. It was a harvest festival that offered lots of music, food, and traditional events. If you want to know more about this event click the link below. The farm offered a nice connection to nature with butterfly garden, mini farm fields, etc... It is a good way to connect people to the source of their meals. Lots of other organizations that benefit the needy and special causes were present.

Meeting Opera Stars and Info on Becoming a Patron of the Musical Arts

Ashley Cutright Recently I had the opportunity to meet some of San Diego's Opera stars at a pre-season event in La Jolla. Their voices carried loudly across the packed room and resonated within our hearts. Each of the singers were so friendly and kind to their audience in a way that made the meet and greet very special. Talent connecting with the community can make a big difference in support of this art form. Opera is a highly developed artistic form. While many of us are listening to the latest bands and electro music that hits the market it is artistic productions like Opera that take years to master and can bring us a truer sense of culture that connects across the ages. If you would like to support the Opera and make a donation, attend an event, or share their link here is their web address. Click the Support Us tab. They have a great 2018/19 line up!!!

Can You Determine Which Ads Will Sell the Most Through Biometric Markers?

You can actually predict and test recall based on neuroscience markers. This means that certain behaviors in our brains determine whether we like, recall or view certain advertisements. For those who work in the advertising fields it could mean the difference between ads that sell and those that waste money simply by testing how control groups respond. According to a study in the Frontiers in Psychology Journal effectiveness of ads on YouTube can be predicted by neural networks and neuroscience-based metrics with 82.9% accuracy (Guiexeres, et. al 2017). The biometric markers were things like brain response, heart rate variability and eye tracking. As we get aroused we often collect, encode information which in turn can lead to better recall. There is an emotional response to some of the things we like and don't like. By using these biometric markers we are better able to determine on a deeper neural level what people like and don't like. While the study was limited with 3

Join the Polaris Sailing Club


President's UNGA Speech

It doesn't matter what side of the political perspective you are on it is important to keep up on the news to see what might be coming down the road. As business people we should seek to gain information about potential changes in American policy. As policy changes so does the way in which we do business and how we influence world markets.

Pictures of the Bay of Shelter Island

The Shelter Island Bay area has lots of great wooden boats, interesting docks and even a house on the dock. You can see the sea lion here chasing down fishing boats.

Painting for Charity

Sometimes I like to try and paint and do artwork for my personal desires but also for charity. I then try and sell them online and sometimes a few are sold here and there. The rest just sort of go to friends, piled somewhere or thrown away. I did this one while talking on the phone.

Sharon Hinckley Provide Scenes from the SubContinent Photography Display

I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon Hinckley and peruse some of her art offerings. A well seasoned photographer that has traveled the world. Her artistic productions were are on display from September 4th-30th, 2018 at Nelson Photography. While the event is almost over you may also want to reach out to her to let her know how much you appreciate her work and/or if you have questions. I particularly like the way in which she used different types of cameras and technology over a long period of time thereby highlighting outcomes with various effects. The angles were also strikingly artistic in orientation. Some of the shots were taken before hurricanes and floods and those physical places don't exist anymore. You can also check out some of the free classes offered through SDCCD below.

Supporting Clean Beaches Through Surfing with Surfrider Foundation

Who says you can't enjoy the waves while supporting clean coasts and fighting Global Warming. Plastics play havoc on our environment and wild life. This morning I went and hit the bodacious waves and listened to some radical music for a good cause. Even bought a great little stainless steel water bottle to donate money.

Learn to Play Polo in San Diego

Made this little advert from one of my pictures for a friend of mine and polo club that I play in. 

Tatyana Ryzhkova-Some of the Most Beautiful Guitar

Guitar is one of the most versatile instruments to learn. It is easy to take with you and relatively easy to maintain. Sometimes listening to such masters as Tatyana leads to greater motivation and inspiration in your own guitar music. ]

Why Marketing Messages Should be Unique and Thought Provoking

Marketing is an issue of emotion and recall. These emotions could be positive, negative, or anything in between. When we create unique and thought provoking marketing messages we are sparking the person to be cognitively in the moment and think about the message for a second. When we have their attention and focus they will create memories of the message and often recall those emotions when thinking about a product. Brands are created when entire campaigns have successfully created an image that sparks an emotion among a certain section of the population. For example, if you are an outdoor enthusiast you may respond to breathtaking images of a young man standing on top of a mountain. The images catch our attention and we begin to encode. When we want to get active, explore the outdoors, such images begin to arise with their motivations. They are connected and encoded into our brains in the same place. They naturally come together when they are released. These emotions then push us

Wyoming Bear Attack-How Should You Respond to an Encounter

I have been an outdoor enthusiast for sometime and constantly read about the outdoors as much as possible. The recent attack by a grizzly bear in Wyoming indicates there may be some serious changes going on based within the environment and bears familiarity with people. Just FYI this bear has now been killed because it poses a threat to other hunters and hikers. A few tips might help you with a bear attack. First, bears don't normally just attack unless they are protecting food or protecting their young. In this case, the bears seemed to be very abnormal in their behavior indicating they have had previous exposure to humans and do not fear them. Likewise, their environment may be changing creating hormonal changes in themselves (i.e. contamination or territorial issues). 1. Stop and walk backwards. Show that you are not moving toward the bear or are a threat. 2. Continue talking to the bear in a calm manner to ensure that they differentiate you from other bears and animals.

Review of Lap Swimming Headphones Toyogo MP3 Player

I enjoy lap swimming and I will tell you the most boring part of it is not having music. Its not like when your on a bike and listen to songs in a way that makes time speed up. However, when swimming there is an option. Waterproof headsets will do the trick if they are rugged enough. This one by Toyogo is pretty good. No problems with it as long as you read the instructional manual. I thought it stopped working, wanted to return it and then read the manual. Just out of power. It can hold up to 8K songs. That is pretty good. I can plug it into my lap top, download songs, and then listen to them while swimming. Its great to have some distraction and I soon find I am swimming longer and getting in better shape. Now the only downside to this is the waterproof buds which are not the most comfortable but definitely bearable. You have to put them in fairly solid because any water that gets in will distort the sound. There are some other options for changing around the plugs but I h

Why Patience is the Key to Interpersonal Relationships

People are sometimes very difficult to work with. They have needs, desires, opinions, values and much more. Sometimes we jump to our own conclusions and other times other people jump to their own conclusions. Our brains are often pre-wired to come to certain conclusions based on our past experiences. This means that when conflict arises we should stop, not react, and wait for more information when it is helpful. Certainly there are times when people must react quickly but for 95% of the cases simply reserving your response is a powerful statement. People who are emotional responders are also very traumatized. They yell, scream, get angry and attack. What they are not good at doing is finding the best way of dealing with situations or find those paths that will lead to the best result. While personal conflict is inevitable with groups of people at work or home it is not acceptable as a standard way of interrelating. There are some people who react and get dysfunctional trying to l

Pictures of Hurricane Florence and First Responder Donation Information

Flooding in North Carolina continues as Hurricane Florence creates an angry torrent damaging property and injuring people. A few places you can get pictures and videos. You can support first responder efforts of Hurricane Florence at Salvation Army You can also get pics from the New Burn PD.  Pictures from Weather Nation

Three Photos Presented at the Museum of Photographic Arts

I like photography and enjoy it as a hobby. It isn't the only hobby I like but it gets me out of the house and out into nature and events to see things. A group of photographers met yesterday at the Museum of Photographic Arts and I had three pictures that were presented and discussed. I thought you might enjoy. The theme was transportation.

Why Entrepreneurs Should be Irrationally Optimistic?

There is something about success that is nearly impossible for most people to obtain because it requires a level of irrational optimism! People simply give up the first time they have a problem. That doesn't mean you do the same thing over and over but you simply don't give up just because you are having a problem. The entrepreneur keeps ticking away day after day to achieve his/her goals. Failure is necessary to rule out paths that don't lead to success. There are those who see failure as the end while there are those who see failure as an opportunity. Being one of the later helps you maintain your optimism. Each time failure occurs stop for a moment and analyze the situation. Is it caused by the environment, the process, the product, or you? A level of research and analysis leads to greater knowledge and understanding of what to improve. Once you have completed your analysis you then make the necessary adjustments. Each success and failure tells you something about

Video of Amazing Superpod of Dolphins in Monterey Bay California

This is an amazing site. While this does happen yearly they are not usually seen this close to shore where spectators can watch. It may have something to do with weather patterns. There may be as many as 1000 here. They are one of the smartest creatures on the planet.

Watching Del Mar Polo-Pictures and Video

Watching the game helps me learn how to improve my game. It is even more fun when you know know some of the players. This specific game was fast paced. One of the horses went from one side of the field to the other to make a goal. This isn't easy when your dribbling the ball that fast with other horses chasing you down.

Sourcing Products to Resell Online for Better Position and Pricing

Sourcing products is probably the most fundamental aspect of successfully competing online. Sure, key words, pictures, descriptions, etc... are important but if you can't compete on price then you have a big problem. You have two options in selling that include brand and price. Many times they go together and how you source these products will make a differences. If you are a small business it can be extremely difficult to compete. Most things you find in China and the U.S. are priced low but unfortunately there are a lot of other people selling them. They are buying lots of them by the thousands thereby reducing the price to almost half of what you can get it for. The other option is to source on discount. This means looking in stores and online for things selling under the market, buying them, and reselling them. Not easy as you are going to waste a lot of time finding products that are said to be on discount but are not cheap enough to pay for shipping or making a profit on

Poway Polo Club-Learning to Follow

One of the biggest tips in learning to play polo on a team is to ensure that you are able to follow the ball in the proper line. This is something I had some difficulty doing because I was not completely familiar with how all the rules worked and operated. However, by playing up at the Poway Polo Club I was able to pick up a few tips and play better as a team member. There are lines that must be followed and this is generally in the direction of the ball. Most of the polo players team up with someone and work together in these lines. That is one of the reasons why you often see them following each other. Follow the Line: It wouldn't make sense if you are behind someone right? You will find when you follow other players that people often miss the ball, walk over it, and keep on going. You need to follow, or lead them, if you want to hit the ball without creating a violation. Keep Moving: If you do miss the ball don't bother stopping. Just keep moving and someone will

Review of Cocobon Red Blend California-Value Beyond Price

Browsing the grocery store for a good selection of table wine I picked up Cocobon's Red Wine. While it is 50/50 when you randomly grab a wine from the store shelves as to whether you can pallet it, I was more than happy with this purchase. This wine was well made and has a full bodied fruity taste that almost anyone would like thereby making it a good choice for events and parties. First, let me state that I'm not a wine snob. This means I don't judge the quality and value of the wine based on its prices. As a matter of fact, if you have a cheaper priced wine with exceptional value it therefore has much more value for me! Yet that unfortunately is not the opinion of many "wine experts". Lots fall into the halo effect category. Price becomes falsely associated with value and taste. The brain plays a trick! You may want to check out this research to see for yourself Good wine is good wine regar

Why the Little Things Make Your Business Memorable

 Businesses often run off of the same sort of processes because they are cost effective and create value for customers. Companies in the same genre typically use the same type of processes. While this is great for managing a business it isn't always so great for making memorable businesses. People get used to the same old processes and consumers view the businesses pretty much as the same except for the brand associated with them. How does one break the similarity gridlock that doesn't allow a business to differentiate itself? Think about the little things your competitors are not thinking about. What does that mean? Well it means creating a theme for your business, offering something small the customers isn't expecting, or going out of your way to do something special for the customer. It doesn't need to be big or expensive. It could be something simple as bringing extra napkins to kids sitting at a table, or providing an unexpected free desert when the server over

Second Polo-Learning how to Lean for Better Ball Leverage

Speeding horses and leaning over the side is not an intuitive act. You feel as though you are going to bounce off and at the very least change the balance of the horse with a disastrous end. Thus, the practice of learning how to center yourself while giving enough leverage to still hit the ball clear of the horse and other players is a pivotal skill in polo. It may be the one still that separates those who can play from those who can't! I'm not saying I can play that well yet. However, I am slowly learning how to move my knee into the side of the horse and my other knee to away from the horse in the direction I am going to hit the ball in an effort to give myself enough leverage while still maintaining balance. The knees lock you in place as you lean over keeping you securely mounted. One of the ways to practice this is to do it right each and every time you hit the ball. Muscle memory is important here. While it may feel awkward eventually your body will get it and it wi

Mathematically Modeling Market Projections

Projecting the market is fantastic when you can do it. Companies spend a lot of time trying to look into the crystal ball and find some future. Using simulation allows businesses to figure out what will happen under different circumstances (Chopra, 2017). The ability of companies to project means they will need a number of different data sets and each variable in the projection should be supported by market information. This means that each variable needs lots of historical data in order to make a type of prediction of what would happen under specific circumstances. The history of the data will need be collected and analyzed for trends. In turn, those trends will show what might happen under certain circumstances. It isn't so easy as this though as this can take a long time to collect. One must look to the past, other research, do a lot of calculations to isolate the variable, and sometimes may need to experiment with that variable to see if it changes. You may also find that