Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Skill of Sculling-Learn Quickly

Sculling, or the use of small thin boats, to row and race is a pretty cool skill to have. It takes a little practice. Its not easy to balance and there are all types of tips and tricks to getting onto them. Without the ores it is likely you will simple tip and fall into the water. So there are a few things you should do before you take off into deep water.

For one you will need to learn how to get onto the boat without falling over as well as how to feather your blades for stability. Trust me I almost tipped the first time I got on.

After this you can learn to stop, turn, and go back in the other direction. Having some level of mobility is important for staying away from obstacles.

It is also beneficial to learn to get on the boat if you fall off. That can be tricky as you will need to sort of hop up and balance on the center of the boat as you swing your legs over. It doesn't work well if your ores are not in the right direction.

There is also the need to learn how to actually row. Easier said than done. You have to use your legs much more than your arms and back. Without some practice you will have less power and will wear out quickly.

If you do well then you will likely lose weight and get into fitness as it does take a lot of endurance and cardio effort.

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