Thursday, August 30, 2018

Protecting the Snorkeling and Diving Tourism of Cabo Through Charter Enforcement

I had the opportunity to travel recently to Cabo and engage in some of the outdoor activities. One of these activities that seem to attract people is snorkeling and diving. You will find boats lined up around famous underwater areas and people swimming back and forth. Reefs and underwater creatures dot the area.

They do a pretty good job at coordinating. The charters have realized that if they damage these precious resources they won't be able to get them back. At the very onset they state that if you see garbage pick it up or tell them about it and they will pick it up.

Likewise, there is some discussion on not touching the reefs as they are not only sharp but also full of life. Disturbing that life could mean the lose of habitat and the creatures that live there.

Ecotourism is likely to grow in the future. As these resources dwindle the few remaining resources will need to be protected. That can't happen without funding and that will come from tourists.

If adventure companies desire to protect these resources and avoid future legislation they will need to work together to coordinate their protective activities. Perhaps panels of interested parties will meet to discuss how best to manage tourist and their activities.

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