Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Positive Communication Patterns Can Connect Employees Despite the "Stars"

Negative communication patterns can cause all types of havoc in the workplace and slow dissipate groups. I have seen it over and over. Functioning teams take in a real "go getter" that works like a bullet to get things done. In their goal achievement they begin to be condescending, judgmental, and rude. The team breaks apart but the "star" is not blamed because it isn't something that can be easily calculated or put on paper.

I once read a study on game theory and how people who are rude are eventually punished. As they move from group to group trying to gain resources for themselves they leave a wake of resentful people. People who have the capacity to work together and they in turn refuse to work with that person or share information.

In the end the "star" employee with a bad attitude and poor communication style gets locked out of opportunities and eventually is forced to move onto other organizations. It takes them a long time to get caught because it takes their bosses a long time to see that they were simply telling them what they wanted to hear. The "star" can sometimes be manipulative.

Great organizations are not made from "stars" they are made from everyday workers. When strong teams are built and people can work together the "star's" prowess becomes less toxic and the path forward is based on team collaboration. The "star" becomes a team performer versus a pariah on the good nature of others.

Success comes from hedging the abilities and skills of others and that requires collaboration. Collaboration the selfish are not often willing to make because it requires sharing the spotlight. If the "star" tries to steel it back....the team stops sharing information and the "star" fails.

A true star is one that knows the rules of the game and can raise others while raising themselves. They are capable of not using others but leading others to greater performance through the development of teams that trust and share. Where others have had the folly to promote the selfish it takes the intellectually advanced to see that the way in which a person communicates indicates their thinking patterns and their potential to draw together a community.

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