Sunday, August 19, 2018

Organic Wine by Shaw?

Wine snob alert! This Cabernet Sauvignon wine is pretty good but doesn't cost $50 a bottle. I know, I know...that will probably mean the wine snobs will reject it, because there is no way to produce a good wine without jacking up the price to the ceiling. Well turn your noses high and bust your bank account because economic shoppers got a great thing going!!

You may want to read an article on the wine from Wine Economist

This wine retails under $5 but has a $20 dollar taste. I must admit I'm a little picky about my wine. While I will drink what I buy I won't necessarily buy some products again. This wine is rich, bountiful, and you can taste the lush environment the grapes cultivated in. You can sort of get a hint of the soil.

As organic grapes they must be a touch hardier than average and likely were picked at a slightly riper age making the wine a touch darker and more fruity than other wines. Not a lot of tannin aftertaste which suits me just fine. I would consider this on more of the wetter side and slightly sweet.

Its definitely a table wine that could be served at supper. Some under-taste of spices but not really sure of what they are so I probably shouldn't mention it. For the most part it is a clean and simple wine manufactured for a specific market. Organic grapes but not organic process still has its appeal!

This wine would get a thumbs up as a repeat buy.

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