Sunday, August 19, 2018

Does Building a Successful Business Have Something to Do with Repetition?

Repetition is not seem highly in many business development patterns but it should be. We sometimes overlook the obvious in the attempt to create innovation. Yet...we should be honest and realize we can't improve unless we do something enough to actually improve it. Repetition allows us to delve deeper and deeper into a process and come to new conclusions that can push our business forward.

Let me give you an example to ponder. Let us say you are desperate to make a profit so every time something doesn't immediately work you radically change what you are doing. This is exploratory behavior that can be effective at times but often simply bounces from bad idea to bad idea.

There are times when it is necessary to make these radical changes but often it is only after you have understood your current process. Perhaps it isn't about radical change but about putting together the right "mix" of different aspects of the business processes. You may need a better supplier, better descriptions, stronger advertising, etc...

Doing the same thing when the production process is logical and sound is important in the analysis of what part of that process needs to be adjusted. It is important to remember that its a bunch of small steps and you should use some scientific reason to understand them before changing. In many cases, it may be the small adjustments that improve the overall process and profitability of the organization.

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