What Eye Scans Can Tell You About Promoting Your Products?

How does eye scans relate to overall interest in websites , their content and their products? When we focus on certain topics we spend more time in search mode scanning for information to make purchasing decisions. A study of website visitors found that customers who spent more time in directed searchers used longer eye sweeps and alternative based processing methods (Etco, et. al. 2017).

Alternative based processing is comparing products based on a number of alternatives.

Attribute based processing focused on a single attribute while comparing different products.

Why is this important to businesses?

Those businesses that seek to attract one or the other may want to design their sites based on the way people scan for information. For example, if someone is using directed search approaches with alternative processes the business may want to highlight the multiple features when compared to competitor products. Those who are browsing the net may be a little more attracted to a specific attribute they can highlight like price or quality.

Etc, M. et. al (2017). The Influence of Online Search Behavior on Consumers’ Decision-Making Heuristics. The Journal of Computer Information Systems, 57 (4).


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