Thursday, July 5, 2018

Too Much Testosterone Leads to Greater Luxury Purchases

People who have more testosterone are much more oriented toward status symbols than those who don't. That is, at least according to a study of men and increased hormone levels. Those who took the hormone bought more stuff (Nave, et. al. 2018). This could help us determine who are the type of people who are willing to pay big bucks for items.

I guess there is something neanderthal about being a cave man that pushes us to buy status symbols to raise our status and attract mates. It seems like at our core we may be a little closer to the animal kingdom than we think we are.

While our psychological make up and culture determine much of what we like and don't like our biological characteristics may push us to buy certain products within our culture perspectives.

High testosterone individuals look at status even when quality is comparable. If it costs more and people think it means wealth and power they are much more willing to buy it.

If you are a marketer you may want to consider how certain brands attract certain types of individuals and their need to buy similar products. For example, people who spend money on fitness supplements and high status clothing may also want luxury cars and watches. Trying different combinations may lead to greater sales associations.

Nave, F. (2018). Single-dose testosterone administration increases men’s preference for status goods. Nature Communications, 9. Retrieved from

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