Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Portable Solar Light and Bug Zapper for Your Picnic Table and Home

You know those times when you are sitting on a picnic table, camping, or your deck and the mosquitoes attack you. It can be very uncomfortable and can ruin your good time. People want to relax and talk but run inside cutting your good times short. A portable solar bug zapper with a light would work great at those moments.

The light is strong enough to give you a solid glow over your table. No need for batteries because the sun will charge it if left out or you can plug it in to get the power. Most of the time it can just sit there and will continue to work night after night.

Better yet, it kills the bugs in a quiet and non toxic way. If your in a tent or RV this works fantastic. You can even use it next to the door of your house or out in the yard. Bugs are drawn to light and when they get in there they are "poof" gone.

For the price this product is offered for there are lots of great uses. It is handy and can have multiple functions which helps make it more versatile and raise its value when compared to cost. You may even consider that it doesn't use batteries that damage the environment.

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