Friday, July 6, 2018

Marketing Skills That May Not be Apparent to Graduates

Graduates of marketing programs enter the job market with lots of entry level positions. Having a degree can help them earn more money and in essence progress faster throughout their careers. Skill development in college is important upon graduation where the true test of one's learning becomes apparent. According to a study in Marketing Intelligence & Planning there are a few skills marketing graduates need to work on (Dacko, 2006).

Decision-Making: The ability to make decisions over complex information and create a plan of action.

Leadership: The ability to lead a team of people to accomplish a goal.

Problem Formation: Understanding the market and formulating a problem to work on.

Persuasion: The ability to persuade individuals in a team or customers to take some action.

Creativity: The ability to think about things in a new way and solve problems.

Negotiation: The ability to negotiate and come to better terms.

Dacko, S. (2006). Narrowing the skills gap for marketers of the future. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 24 (3). 

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