Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Local Bands Contribute to Life Satisfaction in Escanaba and Gladstone

People want a quality life and offering outlets like bands and events helps people connect as a community and find recreational activities that improve their happiness. From an economic standpoint this makes sense. As people enjoy their lives and feel positive they also spend more, make better decisions, and avoid the negativity that can creep into idle lives.

Think of a town that has nothing going on for days on end. The people don't do much but go to work and come home. Often they don't connect with their neighbors and don't feel much of a commitment to their community. Engaged people take ownership of the city and do their best to improve it.

Bands, public events and activities do increase the appeal of the community. Small towns like this often die out as people move to larger cities to find work. It is necessary to attract new families and retain old ones to keep the town vibrant. Having lots of social engagement helps draw people to visit and with any luck choose to live up here.

It would not be a full discussion if we don't mention that getting people out and meeting their neighbors also is good for business. As people walk the shopping districts and see vendors they also become more aware of local commercial activity and purchase more products. With so much shopping online anything that helps small businesses is welcome.

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