Thursday, July 5, 2018

Go Ahead and Have Another Cup of Coffee for Better Health

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute found that those who drink more coffee lived longer over a 10 year span than those who don't drink coffee. One doesn't have to slurp down gallons as a few cups a day seem to do the trick. No need for premium coffee. It can be caffeinated or decaffeinated. Starbucks or instant. Its all the same!

While it was thought that coffee was not that good for you researchers have found out that isn't true! While all the cream and sugar might be a different story the general use of plain coffee can protect your body.

It is believe that the use of anti-oxidants somehow protect the arteries, improve metabolism, helps the liver and has other benefits. Somewhere along the line coffee interacts with the body to remove toxins and protect the system.

The next time your sitting in that coffee shop debating if you should have another cup of java or not you might as well splurge! It won't do you much harm considering the benefits that researchers have found. If your like me you might even like coffee as your drink of choice. Just make sure you drink some water or it can lead to dehydration!

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