Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fourth of July and Honoring Our Soldiers

The 4th of July is a time to honor our warriors. While the world has become increasingly complex we are removed from the necessity of defending our villages and towns through citizen-warriors. Today's military is professional requiring significant training and specialization to function well. It wasn't long ago that the average farmer donned a rifle and defended his land to create a revolution that led to our current nation. Honoring our present and past helps us keep in touch with our responsibilities to defend our way of life.

Once upon a time the sign of manhood and loyalty was the ability to be productive and still act as a warrior when needed. Now society has changed and much of this requirement has gone by the wayside as a huge percentage of people no longer need to join the Armed Forces or defend home and hearth personally. We sometimes forget that if we must not actively engage in combat that there is a significant commitment by those who choose military careers.

There is tradition within the military that helps grounds soldiers to a code of conduct and a code of honor. They are trained to work together and respect diversity within their ranks. The military was one of the first places to accept different races, religions and ways of life. The need and right to protect our country is open to just about every physically capable person.

Those in the military often have values that isn't seen among many in the general population. They have a commitment to a belief system that is ingrained in their psyche the first day they step off the white bus and meet their drill instructor. By the time they complete their terms and careers these value systems are completely installed into their view the world.

Honoring the military means having some thankfulness for both the current military and those in the past. They have fought, bled, and overcome challenges to protect our national beliefs. While you may not agree with how our military is always deployed we must still respect the individuals who choose this path. They are an absolute necessity in a turbulent world where the "games" played by countries in their paths to gain influence impact American interest around the globe.

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