Friday, June 8, 2018

Supporting Make a Wish Foundation Through the Love of Sailing

A consistent but moderate breeze,an experienced three person crew, we sailed out of the Coronado's Navy Yacht Club on a bright sunny day. The light boat stole the wind quickly roaring the sails to life. There wasn't much room but with our feet securely locked into a strap we were able to push the boat as fast as we could take it. We enjoyed the sun, competition and contribution that came with it!

Sailing is a lifestyle that brings you to all types of events, ports and a community of sailors. Some love it because they feel the freedom of it, others may love it as a new challenge, while still others  feed off of the competition!

For me sailing is about exploring. I have often marveled at past explorers who traversed parts of the globe with confidence that make most of us today shudder with fear. I sometimes conjure an image that maybe in the future, if time and skill permit, I will be sailing my boat in the Antarctica taking photos of nature's economic contribution and conducting some type of publishable research.

There are many learning steps between here and there. Sailing on teams provides a great way to get your "feet wet" and learn techniques from a variety of experts. Each one has their own "nugget" of knowledge. The best part about it is that most races contribute financially by raising awareness of a cause making the whole affair doubly beneficial.

Proceeds of this particular Beer Can Race went to Make a Wish Foundation. They give the following description:

Granting wishes to kids with life-threatening medical conditions gives them more than an amazing experience. A wish come true has the power to make kids feel stronger, more courageous, and more determined to overcome their illnesses. Many families and healthcare providers believe the wish experience is the turning point in a wish kid's battle against their illness.

You don't need to be sailing to contribute. A $50 donation goes a long way!

Donate to Make a Wish Foundation

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