Monday, June 11, 2018

Learning Chinese Military Style Boxing Via Online 3D Methods

Boxing is an important sport of skill, speed, fitness and self-defense. It is used in military and recreational aspects. It is possible to learn boxing via online 3D applications. This indicates that stronger media channels with rich content often lead to learning more than videos alone. The adaption of such methods can work in the military and higher education to improve learning.

A study of traditional video and 3D learning of Chinese Military Boxing found that those who used the richer media channel ended up learning more (Yang, et. al. 2013). The authors argue that such applications can be applied to other physical activities like gymnastics and Thai Chi.

Why is this study helpful?

Whether you are in the military, a fitness center, or a gym you will find that 3D instruction provides greater learning value. It is possible for users to stop, scroll, turn vantage points, and take in more information.

3D provides a way in which a person can move to a more truer 3X dimension where they can see actions and movements from multiple perspectives. The same concept may apply equally well to other items students must become accustomed with. 2X dimensional learning leaves out the ability to change vantage points and the amount of information encoded.

Yang, et. al (2013). Natural interaction based online military boxing learning system. International Journal of Distance Educational Technologies, 11 (3).

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