Monday, June 4, 2018

A Few Little Known Essentials for Camping

Image result for campingCamping is great fun and we enjoy the outdoors. After throwing the food, cooler, tents, blankets and chairs into the car we may need to spend a few minutes thinking about the other things we need that are not big items. If you miss out on them you may find yourself with less than an enjoyable experience.

-Ear Plugs: If your in a campground you will need them as kids waking up at 5 AM, people talking, and regular noise leaks through tents easily.

-Sleeping Bag Pads: If you have spent any time on the ground you know how hard it can be. It can also be very cold.

-Correct Weather Sleeping Bag: Make sure you have the right temperature sleeping bag. If your in the desert or mountains temperature between day and night can be huge.

-Sun Block: When you are out in the sun all day you will need to carry with a small container of sun block and use liberally.

-Layers of Clothing: Sometimes its very hot and sometimes very cold. Make sure you have layers and an easy to pack jacket.

-Bug Spray: An essential you don't want to forget about or otherwise you may be miserable.

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