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Making Sure Your Horse Listens to Your Commands-Leg Pressure and Resistance

Horses are creatures with their own mind and repeated training is necessary to keep it responsive to the rider's needs. When engaged in a diagonal pattern across an arena, I notice that my horse soon moves crooked with his belly pushed to one side. As I use my heel to encourage her to round to my leg she wants to fight against it! She gets upset and pushes even harder to make herself even more "out of whack". A horse should have its head and body aligned to the direction and resistance means more training. The horse must listen to the rider. If the horse doesn't listen it is untrustworthy and therefore needs training to ensure that it follows direction. You don't ever give up your needs or commands until the horse complies. If you do she will assume she is in control of the ride....that is when things can get dangerous. Repeat the command in different ways until she complies. I have come up with this pattern to better ensure compliance. 1.) Give the comman

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Program Decision Making with the CIPP Model of Evaluation

Starting projects and following them to completion can be a daunting task. We often get lost in the "weeds" and unsure of how well our plan actually worked. While some managers may want to "just go" with a new project they leave few to no mechanisms of evaluating the outcomes, it is wiser to think systematically. Mistakes can be costly and embarrassing. The CIPP Model offers a method of evaluating program implementation using context, input, process and product (Stufflebeam, 1983).  CIPP model of evaluation: Context : What needs to be done?  Input : How should it be done?  Process : Is it being done?  Product : Is it succeeding? Using four different ways of evaluating a project means that it has achieved a wide array of relevance. It fits within the needs of the business and environment, it is designed appropriately, it is implemented, and whether or not it is succeeding in its tasks.  Sometimes as managers we fail to take a systematic approach to

The International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Invention

The International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Invention ISSN (Online): 2349-2031 Volume 05 - Issue 07 July 2018 ------------------------------------------------------- The International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Invention  is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by the Valley international journal . The journal is published  Monthly  in online versions . The Journal accepts article submissions  online  or by  e-mail : ------------------------------------------------ Open Access Policy: This journal provides immediate open access to its content o

The Determination of Genius

Some wonder how we may determine if someone is a genius. We may look for high intelligence but this could be complicated by expression or we may seek to look for creativity and get confused with unique. The finding of genius is possible when we look for three markers that include human intelligence, creativity and performance. Within each of these markers may be other identifiers that lead to greater insight. Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence: Sternberg's Triarchic Theory of Human Intelligence indicates that there are three components to determine human intelligence that include analytical, creative and practical. Each of these components creates the whole person and their ability to work through daily problems to achieve their goals. Analytical (componential): The ability to process information from an analytical standpoint. It is the raw intelligence that allows us to remember things, process stimuli, make meaning out of it and take action. It is the t

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Raising the Quality of Education Through Better Adjunct Faculty Community Building

I came across an article entitled Colleges Can Hire Adjunct Faculty Cheap — but Does that Harm Education?   discussing whether hiring too many adjuncts hurts higher education. The author outlines some good cases and what others have stated about the process. The answer is "maybe" depending on how these adjuncts are connected to the university, their pay, and their accountability. First, we need full-time professors to ensure that quality of the programs are high and there are core faculty that understand the inner workings and needs of the organization. It is true that many adjuncts won't necessarily understand how to make changes to curriculum or how to navigate the process for better educational outcomes. They may have no idea what the outcomes of their class are! That doesn't mean they aren't doing their jobs but they are doing what is required from them based on their limited knowledge of the whole picture that can only be learned by being "in house&q

Economic Clusters can Self-Form or be Induced by Government

Economic clusters are a beneficial way to spark industry in the area. While these clusters often form organically based on the region and the resources available it can also be sparked through government and industry action (Dmitry, et. al, 2018). Organic develop is self driven but government and business action are possible when the right external factors are present. Organic development occurs because businesses seek to make profit and they find that the right skills, resources, and opportunities exist where other businesses have found success. They create a process of development where multiple companies may end up working off of each other so that the city-region develops the appropriate competencies. When an area has not attracted investment but the external factors are ripe for a particular industry it is possible for governments to infuse a cluster. This will require either attracting an anchor company or having a new one start. Of course such a business would not last long

Three Methods to Creating Deep Learning in Online Classrooms

It can be tough getting students to truly engage within an online classroom. As they listen to YouTube videos and twiddle their hair it is still possible to draw their attention away from distractions and into the course. It is said that deep learning occurs when students process information at lower neural networks and lead to higher thinking skills. It won't occur if they are not engaged in the course room fully. The authors of a study found that deep learning occurs when online asynchronous classrooms can foster questioning skills, constructive feedback and relevance (DeLotell, Milliam &Reinhard, 2010). There is an increased need of professors to focus in these three areas to foster the student to think more about the concepts and retain them in memory. Questioning Skills: The ability to question students understanding. It is helpful to try and build off what students are currently discussing and maintain their interest based on their current focus. Constructive Feedba

Lessons from Brexit

The British economy has slowed since Brexit. Interest rates are at an all time low and inflation has recently come under control. There are a few budget deficits the government is working on and people want to save instead of spend. All of these indicate a slowing economy. However, at present these are soft gloves in the boxing match to get Britain back in shape. There was naturally going to be a hit to the economy. There are too many ties to Europe as the economic system was designed around the criteria set forward by the EU. However, as Germany rises in prominence many British will feel as though they are not fully respected within this system leading to more nationalistic sentiments. One must consider the history of the British and how they pride themselves on their historical past. They were once one of the top, if not the top, nation in the world and have influenced global development. As the country struggles to regain a sense of strength and vitality it will seek to do so by

8th International Scientific Conference on: "Academic Studies in Human Education and Social Sciences"

University of Tirana, Sapienza University of Rome, Richtmann Publishing and MCSER invite You to participate in the 8th International Scientific Conference on: "Academic Studies in Human Education and Social Sciences" 14th to 15th December 2018 Tirana, Albania The 8th ASHESS will be held in TIRANA ALBANIA, and it is organized by Sapienza University, University of Tirana, MCSER and Richtmann Publishing. You are now welcome to submit your abstracts or full papers within November 20. Please send your abstracts and full papers to Important Dates: Conference Date 14 – 15 December 2018 Abstract Submission By 20th November 2018 Early Bird Registration By 25th November 2018 Late Registration By 30th November 2018 Full paper submission (5-10 Pages preferred) By 5th December 2018 The Conference fee is EUR 220, and include participation in all sessions, certificate of participation, conference proceedings published in London with ISBN, catering (coff

Improving Marketing: An Example From The Italian Wine Industry

Websites are helpful but many small business owners are not maximizing e-commerce opportunities to gain the most from their businesses. This problem is realized in family own Italian wineries that may not have all of the relevant business management experience or time to keep up with changes. Using simple e-commerce strategies can help them maximize the results of their efforts. An analysis of wine companies found that most offer their websites and product information only (Iaia, et. al. 2017). Many do not fully exploit the use of e-commerce to build communities and sell products. The authors found that perceived value of these products improve with online marketing. 1. Build Communities: It is helpful to build communities because wine lovers are hard core. They want to engage as much in a lifestyle as possible. Some ways a company can do this is through emails, exclusive specials, clubs, and social media groups. 2. Sell Products: Selling online can be an excellent opportunity fo

The Benefits of Investing in Companies like Evermedia Group Inc. (EVRM)

Stock investing is an important part of balancing out your financial portfolio. There are pros and cons to investing in cheaper stocks often called "penny stocks". Big gains are possible as these companies grow but they may also run the risk of unscrupulous managers and potential failure. Recently I purchased shares in the Evermedia Group Inc. because of their exceptional background, management and future trends. This article discusses why I think it would be a good buy. Evermedia Group Inc. is a bio-metric security company that uses the human biology to protect important data, security, and technologies. They have close connections with the military and civilian sectors. Their patented technology has wide applicability for current problems. As time passes, there will be more of a need for these types of services as companies seek to protect their data from an army of hackers. They describe their product as: " Whether you are a deployed military unit using finger

Moving Employees from High Potential to Consistent Performance

There are those with the potential for performance and there are those that can outperform almost everyone else. When managing high potential individuals it is necessary to move from "spotty" performance to something more consistent. It is a process of improving motivation, self-awareness, and skill. Listen to the Podcast Here 1.) Motivation: The individual should determine what goals are important to them and how to achieve them. 2.) Self-Awareness: Developing emotional intelligence is important for maintain an even "keel" approach to performance. 3.) Skill-Development: High potential doesn't mean they have all of the skills they need. Make an assessment and fill in the gaps. You may want to read an article on gifted performance.

Two Key Points on How Word-of-Mouth Transforms Marketing Messages

Online virtual marketing, word-of-mouth and social media are important platforms for marketing. Sometimes we just send messages out there and hope that they will be repeated. Research in the Journal of Marketing indicates that this isn't always true (Kozinets, et. al. 2018). Often such marketing messages are adjusted and changed by the people who repeat them creating new meanings not necessarily intended by the marketer. 1.) WOM is not simply an amplification of the marketing message. Marketing messages may improve the volume of a marketing channel and create more "hit" on a site but they are not simply an amplified message. People who repeat them because the message resonates with something they believe in. As they encode new information they change it and repeat it in a new way. 2.) Marketers should consider how messages transform to resonate. This changing and repeating information creates a dilemma for some marketers. Some may not want their messages changes

Americans Spending But Not Saving New Data Shows-Try Some Methods of Saving

Spending in America goes up .8% which is 5.9% higher than last year. The trend doesn't seem to be slowing as Americans are optimistic about their jobs in the future. This higher spending does come with a price though. Savings are still at a low of 2.8% which means we simply aren't putting the money where it should be. If you are having some problems you may want to consider some advice. Have a Budget: Remember that it is important to have a formal or informal budget to determine where and how you want to spend your money. You will need to know how much you plan on putting away and how you are going to adjust. It is furthermore helpful to know where you want to place your saved money.  Have a Goal: You better know what you want to do if you desire to accomplish it. If you plan on putting about 7% of your income or you would like to save $10K then you should have some targets to shoot for. This may determine what investment vehicles you choose.  Study the Options :

To Eat More or Eat Less to Get in Shape?

If you read fitness magazines you may get frustrated if you follow the advice exactly and gain weight. What you may find is that the information isn't always accurate and unless you are spending 4 hours a day in the gym chances are you can't burn that many calories. Using reason and wisdom to match your fitness needs is important for future success. First, much of this advice is for really think guys that want to bulk up. They don't process calories the same and have higher metabolizes. They need all these calories to leave some for building muscle. No doubt building muscle requires a certain amount of high protein and beneficial nutrients. The difference is that if you go too high in those areas it converts to fat quickly. For bigger guys that can either be muscled or chubby they should eat what they are required to eat but make better choices over their food. Watch themselves for a week and decide whether they need more or less calories. Lets say they are gaining

Manager Communication Tips

Managers are communicators. While they may be exceptional at their skills they are not nearly as effective as they are when they know how to talk with their employees. The purpose of management is to understand and engage with people to direct the workflow as well as create motivation to get things done. Communication is essential to the success of the team and department (Leonard, 2015). Without communication skill the workflow process may be dysfunctional and employee confused about what actions they need to take. Likewise, managers may end up not being effective in the long-run thereby limiting their benefits to the organization. Here are a few ideas on how to communicate well: 1. Understand the conversation before commenting. Make sure you aren't just throwing out assumptions. A lot of people do this in daily conversation. They make quick judgement without a clue what the other person is saying. This can lead to confusion and resentment.  2. Have a plan on what you

Fed Rate Hike Will Increase Your Credit Card Payment-How to Reduce

The U.S. Central Reserve Bank is expected to raise interest rates by .25% in the next month. According to the  June Credit Card Report  there will be an increased $10 billion in credit care balances and $2.2 billion in interest payments. This means that carrying debt will be more costly to you soon. There are ways to get a handle on this before it gets out of control. We spend entirely too much on credit cards, save too little, and invest almost nothing. At least that is the way it is for some people. To get a handle on your credit card debt means finding new patterns of spending. -Stop spending except on things you need. -Opt for a debit cards or cash. -Cut out a few expensive activities and apply to your balance monthly. -Put together a budget and designate a percentage you can use toward paying your balance. -Use savings to pay off your balance and save the interest rate. -Use your credit card for emergencies. -Sell items you don't need or are cluttering your garage an

Do you have the right personality for your career?

Students enter college often picking their careers from things they saw in the movies, based on course load, and because their friends told them it will be "cool". This is an interesting video on determining your personality and how it relates to your career.  It is helpful to think about yourself while watching this video and relate it to your personality. For example, being a professor may need complexity because they have high cognitive function. Scientists and artists may crave creativity. The video then moves into the entreprenuerial spirit and the eventual switch to more detailed oriented people. It further goes on to outlay an argument for both. Lots of other "tid bits" of knowledge.  

Augmenting Military Education by Hiring Online Educators

Online education is making its way throughout the higher education world. Particularly, the military has been adopting online education in their approach to training soldiers but they do not always understand how to teach such concepts as effectively as possible. The movement to online education does create new challenges for military education. There may be a case for hiring online professors into the military for developing "in-house" curriculum. We should first understand that military education will never be 100% online because there is the need to train physically and in person to establish close social bonds among platoon mates. Likewise, there will be a need to train with specific types of equipment, weapons, and movements that rely on physical presence. Online education augments and enhances many of the traditional approaches. It is possible to augment education, and a big part of this education, to further knowledge. For example, students that are working in part

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Students in Online Quantitative Methods Courses Earn Grades Slightly Lower than Face-to-Face Students

Who says that online education isn't difficult? According to a study of upper level quantitative methods courses it was found that students in the online course earned 17% less points/grade than those in the face-to-face course (Verhoeven & Wakeling, 2011). The authors contend that there may be some differences in effectiveness but there may be other issues as well. First, students in the U.S. often have problems in math and quantitative measurements. It is something that even confuses doctors. They may need more intensity to learn these concepts. It can be tough if you can't ask questions, receive clarification, or have someone who can go back on a problem. There could also be a difference between those who opt for an online versus ground based course. If the student doesn't live in the area, has a busy schedule, or doesn't like to drive the campus they may experience more distractions that limit their ability to study. Furthermore, it is also possible that t

Learning Chinese Military Style Boxing Via Online 3D Methods

Boxing is an important sport of skill, speed, fitness and self-defense. It is used in military and recreational aspects. It is possible to learn boxing via online 3D applications. This indicates that stronger media channels with rich content often lead to learning more than videos alone. The adaption of such methods can work in the military and higher education to improve learning. A study of traditional video and 3D learning of Chinese Military Boxing found that those who used the richer media channel ended up learning more (Yang, et. al. 2013). The authors argue that such applications can be applied to other physical activities like gymnastics and Thai Chi. Why is this study helpful? Whether you are in the military, a fitness center, or a gym you will find that 3D instruction provides greater learning value. It is possible for users to stop, scroll, turn vantage points, and take in more information. 3D provides a way in which a person can move to a more truer 3X dimension whe

Group Dynamics and Social Interaction Tips

Whether you are trying to understand social networks or you are engaging with a new group of people try and understand the overall group dynamics. The process also works within business meetings and work groups. Each group has their own influencers, motivations, culture and personalities. When you begin to understand a group better you also begin to see better ways to influence the group and create more productive outcomes. People change within groups and their public opinions may not be the same as their private ones. For example, if you are hosting a work group you will want to understand these dynamics in order to set rules, interact, and influence. You may also use the same concept when social marketing and trying to influence opinion. 1.) Watch Who Leads and Who Follows in Groups: In any group there are those who are more vocal, give more direction, and make more decisions. Determine who the influencers are and how they signal the rest of the members. 2.) Understand Motiva

The Innovation of Blank Spaces

Sometimes the best ideas don't come from pushing but from sitting still. Blank spaces are as productive for creation as  study and insight through focused diligence. It is those times we stand upon the work of the past just to let the brain do its work in the background. While we may feel that hard work and pushing oneself to the limits leads to the creation of new ideas it is those quite times that capitalize on our prior work. We cannot deny that red eye efforts that lead to new scientific breakthroughs but it is often the subconscious solitude that brings forward the new and unique. The best ideas come through when we least expect them. They are the times when nothingness becomes your best friend. Eureka is the moment a new creation and connection comes together! It is the time when things make sense and something profound comes through. The inventors most productive time is when they are lying on a bed, having a cup of coffee, or just rubbing the crust out of their eyes.

Supporting Make a Wish Foundation Through the Love of Sailing

A consistent but moderate breeze,an experienced three person crew, we sailed out of the Coronado's Navy Yacht Club on a bright sunny day. The light boat stole the wind quickly roaring the sails to life. There wasn't much room but with our feet securely locked into a strap we were able to push the boat as fast as we could take it. We enjoyed the sun, competition and contribution that came with it! Sailing is a lifestyle that brings you to all types of events, ports and a community of sailors. Some love it because they feel the freedom of it, others may love it as a new challenge, while still others  feed off of the competition! For me sailing is about exploring. I have often marveled at past explorers who traversed parts of the globe with confidence that make most of us today shudder with fear. I sometimes conjure an image that maybe in the future, if time and skill permit, I will be sailing my boat in the Antarctica taking photos of nature's economic contribution and

Weighted Vest for Working Out

Features:  Made of high-density thickening oxford fabric, durable to use.  Designed with widening shoulder, comfortable to wear.  Highly flexible compressed sponge interlining, for protection and shock absorption.  With 16pcs pouches for loading sand or steel plate(NOT included).  It is an ideal equipment for physical fitness, losing weight and exercising agile.  Specifications:  Color: Black  Material: Oxford fabric  Length: 60cm / 23.6in  Width: 42cm / 16.5in  Package List:  1 * Adjustable Weighted Vest  Note:  Not included sand or plate,not have the weights.  Length: 60cm / 23.6in ; Width: 42cm / 16.5in ; Max loading: 20kg (when loading steel plate), 10kg (when loading sand)

Tips on Business and a Healthy Lifestyle from a Self-Defense Master

One of the best ways to learn about business is through people who have actually succeeded in it. I had the pleasure of interviewing Terry who owns Twin Dragons in La Jolla. He has successfully run his business for over 30 years and has started at least four different centers. The diligence and passion for the art of self-defense has driven him most of his life. Listen to the Podcast Here Beyond having a 4th level Black Belt he is experience in Kempo, Tai Chi, Fencing, and a number of other techniques. This makes him a walking encyclopedia of self-defense. 1. What business advice would you offer people starting out?  Terry believes that one should follow their passion and continue to be driven through good and bad times. This passion can lead them to a life of fulfillment and enjoyment.  2. Does you market your business and how do you do it? He passes outs cards, puts up window displays and promotes his business by word-of-mouth methods as much as he can. It is im

Is a Recession Around the Corner? We May Need to Look at Social Trends

The economy is growing and it is easier to find jobs now when compared to the last few decades. However, there is a growing risk that economist see who predict that we are likely to have a recession in the next few years.According to the 45 economists with the National Association of Business Economics the majority predicted recession by the 4th quarter of 2020. These same economist were less optimistic about the near term as well. They were concerned about trade wars and upheavals in the world markets. As countries restrict and put tariffs on each others products a new level of nationalism and protectionism could take hold.  There could possibly be some truth in what they are saying but even they are not 100% sure. The reason why economists often vary in their opinions is that it is hard to predict and project the future. The models they use are based on antiquated methods and new models have not been adequately developed. Data will be important in any future models but that dat

Video on How to Conduct Market Research

I came across a pretty good video on how to conduct market research. It goes through most of the basics. :)

Using Philosophy to Develop Educational Strategies

Higher education has received some backlash for becoming too statistic and administrative oriented and not enough quality full-time faculty and learning. I read an interesting article in the June/July 2018 Philosophy Now Journal by Robert Michael Ruehl discussing the importance of friendship and philosophy in developing higher education strategy. His premise is that teaching is more than the numbers and needs a level of collaboration to create learning communities. Colleges are becoming more like businesses using statistics like reduction assessments, cost benefit analysis and data to make their decisions. The consequence is that faculty have become more combative, don't work well together, fear job security and seek self-promotion through quantity over quality. The author believes there is another way to design the working atmosphere of higher learning institutions. He draws upon the wisdom of Aristotle, Bacon, Lewis and Hunt. Aristotle in Nicomachean Ethics: "For wit

A Few Little Known Essentials for Camping

Camping is great fun and we enjoy the outdoors. After throwing the food, cooler, tents, blankets and chairs into the car we may need to spend a few minutes thinking about the other things we need that are not big items. If you miss out on them you may find yourself with less than an enjoyable experience. -Ear Plugs: If your in a campground you will need them as kids waking up at 5 AM, people talking, and regular noise leaks through tents easily. -Sleeping Bag Pads: If you have spent any time on the ground you know how hard it can be. It can also be very cold. -Correct Weather Sleeping Bag: Make sure you have the right temperature sleeping bag. If your in the desert or mountains temperature between day and night can be huge. -Sun Block: When you are out in the sun all day you will need to carry with a small container of sun block and use liberally. -Layers of Clothing: Sometimes its very hot and sometimes very cold. Make sure you have layers and an easy to pack jacket. -B

Three Ways to Think Strategically about a Business You are Starting

Starting a business or product line can help you find independence and purpose in your life. The problem is that many people don't know where and how to get there. Three things can help you in this process and provide a proper perspective (Hale, 2016). When it comes to sales and social media think strategically. Listen to podcast here 1. Gaining the right mindset and perspective on money. Without the proper mindset you will have a difficult time entering into business. It requires the ability to think creatively, find new connections and open opportunities. 2. Define your business model. Make sure you create a business plan and define your model so that it is competitive with other models. Ensure that it is simple and focused on creating maximum value in the most efficient way. 3. Know what really matters. Business can get confusing with lots of different services, opportunities, sales, gimmicks, etc... Don't get caught in the weeds and offer what is most important. H

Promoting Student Success Webinar

Student success is one of the most important issues for colleges and universities and one of the most all-encompassing challenges for educators. The issues start at the point of enrollment (placement and remediation), extend throughout a student’s education (academic advising and progress toward completion), on to graduation and planning for success after college. Inside Higher Ed editors Scott Jaschik and Doug Lederman will explore efforts by individual colleges and groups of colleges to promote student success on June 5 at 2 PM . Save your spot >> Can't attend the webcast? You should still register - all registrants will receive a recording of the webcast and a copy of the presentation.